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Comment Re:My prediction (Score 1) 106

Linden Labs are making a successor to SL called Project Sansar, and compatibility with VR headsets is a design goal. They claim it will have the most accessible content creation tools ever. This is the number one thing on my wish list.

About time, hopefully they do it better this time. The current rendering engine is very old and outdated compared to what is the cutting edge in the gaming industry year 2015/2016. It's also built on DirectX so no Apple OSX or Linux support. Also lacking a physics engine that can render water, wind, grass, gravity, etc in real time.

Comment Shut up and take my money (Score 2) 106

I'm one of these that will grab the consumer model of Occulus Rift and build a brand new spanking rig to fit it. I figure Intel, nVidia, AMD and PC hardware vendors will be happy as it will drive hardware sales of new PC gear like crazy. VR will put good use of latest stuff like AVX-512, DDR4, etc.

Flying a drone with VR headset would be awesome, should feel like being superman flying around the city. Better get one of these gas powered ones running on ethanol RC engine that can stay up in the air for hours.

Horror games that will scare the shit out of you. Almost real LSD trips to wreck your brain. ;-)
Lots of uses in education, medical and mechanical engineering, etc. Social VR applications will be huge, app that allow one to hang out with your friends at a bar or nightclub. Watching 2D movies and TV series would rock, like going to a big screen teater but even better, should provide for a good movie experience as it shields the viewer from distractions. One can watch porn on the airplane, no one would ever know. ;-)

Comment Been there, done that (Score 0) 51

Sounds much like a project I was working on a couple of years ago. An distributed filsystem where everyone running a daemon could drop files into a pool (ocean) and the files was moved around as fixed size blocks/chunks. Automatically replicated so there was always 3-4 copies of each block/chunk available on different nodes to maintain full redundancy and resiliency if nodes was disconnected or disappeared.

Comment Re:Who is this for? (Score 1) 110

Yes, and some people host websites at home with decent traffic or sell/rent virtual servers to other people. 1 Gbit doesn't really cope with that.

A friend of mine have a two node OpenStack cluster with around 20-50 machines and containers running, selling IaaS capacity from his home.

If you have a large website or semi-commercial cloud operation it would still be cheaper buying a 10 Gbit connection than hosting the machines externally.

But this is special cases of course, regular Joe's doesn't have much use for it. Some nerds and geeks may have.

Comment Re:You are not Dockers business case (Score 1) 71

Yes, all Linux/Unix admins knows there is a constant stream of security patches coming every week. One will need to swap the whole container out for a small updated binary or shared library. Seams a bit inefficient to me to go through the whole dev-staging-test-deploy pipeline every week or even serval times a week for one or more containers.

Or do you Docker users just skip security updated and leave the holes wide open?

Comment Re:Here's a better idea (Score 1) 58

I disagree, people should do what they are good at. It's not the best thing to ask a surgeon to go out on the fields to work as a farmer just to "feed the hungry". Programmers should write programs and Linux/UNIX engineers should design, architect and construct systems.

That the poor people need is knowledge, trade, business and markets. IT can provide this, like auction markets where farmers and shopowners can put bid and ask prices on grains, meats, etc. Where people with useful skills can market their services to those who need the services, mechanics, metalworkers, woodworkers, carpenters, plumbers, construction, trucktransporters, etc. Via IT you can also teach usefull skills to these poor people.

Comment Re:Linus Torvalds is his own worst enemy (Score 1) 786

"Where do I change my network settings?"
Windows: Control Panel
Mac: System Preferences
Linux: It depends

The reason Windows and Mac and Android are dominating user devices is because they have standardized a GUI environment, and GUI failure is considered operating system failure.

Duh.. "Linux" is a kernel, no more, no less.

Your answer should be:

Ubuntu: System Preferences
Fedora: System Preferences

So your original criticism falls flat. It's as easy to configure the screen resolution or network settings in Ubuntu and Fedora as in MacOS X or Windows.

Comment Re:good lord no. (Score 1) 180

I disagree, Fortran and C is very good for parallel scientific computations. If you are doing computations you care about speed, and the closer you are to the iron (and the os) the faster it runs and more work you can do in a time unit. You have nice tools like OpenMP, UPC, Cilk and MPI, etc. Posix SHM is the best for local IPC/RPC.

Python may be a nice lang to work with, but it is a slow dog.

Comment Re:all gone (Score 2) 658

With fourth generation liquid lead cooled nuclear technology we have enough energy to power us for thousands of years into the future. The good thing with Gen IV is that it burns old stockpiles of spent nuclear fuel rods, plutonium and americium as well so we reduce the toxic hazard and storage of these resources. On top of that we got thorium too that is four times more abundant in the ground than uranium. The core of the earth is a gigantic ball of molten metal, just imagine the amount of free energy available there if you have the technology to drill deep enough into the crust and harness the heat energy.

Of course you are right that current society is highly dependent on oil and it will get painful for the human civilization then this key resource dries out.

Comment Re:ERROR (Score 1) 386

Free society produced the most wealth on this planet in the shortest time period, and then it turned into the bread and circuses system that then squandered that wealth and ran into the most debt that any nation has ever had in the history of the world.

Yes, you are correct. Including the bold part. The bold part is always an inevitable outcome for free society.

Free society only works in short term.

That is just not true. It come to be because of corrupt politicians breaking the law/constitution. Income taxes and/or a central bank are illegal according to the constitution. If the constitution is obeyed US would still be a free society.

That's why socialism was invented as the long term answer. That's why 1984 still applies despite it is 28 years past the actual year - totalitarianism is the inevitable future end state.

BS. Socialism/Communism is just an idea of madness/insanity born out of a disillusioned persons mind. It was not invented for anything, just a crazy idea.

Some of the longest running economies were not free societies, but long stretches of some form of totalitarianism. They weren't particularly progressive, but they lasted for a long time.

Just look at the various royalties (Imperial House of Japan, House of Windsor, etc). They're figureheads these days, but they still get special treatment. You don't see many private businesses in free society last that long.

They are a product of feudalism and monarchy long before there even existed private business in today's sense. These are family structures and clans/tribes, which is the oldest human organisational form going back to stone age. Special treatment of certain groups or people are a bad thing and should be shunned. The same goes for the idiotic celebrity worship today.

That's why the world moved to Corporatocracy. Corporations get to be like the old dynasties of the past that lasts forever and ever

It's completely rational that people are shunning free society.

That is mostly due to special treatment from the state and the judicial system. This is not a good thing, it's a bad thing. There is a name for this, the merge of the state and corporations, the name is "fascism".

People (mostly the rich, but also people on welfare) want to stop progressing for a while and enjoy themselves.

So people generally want to and just slack off and stop developing and inventing to progress the human civilization? that's BS, it is coded into our genes to be exploratory, creative and progress.

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