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Comment Re:m6x00 upgrade wanted.... (Score 1) 133

Kim, I am also REALLY HOPING for a laptop with normal keyboards we used to have on old Dells with Ins/Home/PageUp/Del/End/PgDn block. All these new combos of putting these buttons who knows where or merging them with other buttons via FN keys are driving me nuts. They are completely useless for development work with a normal IDE which often needs combos like Ctrl+Arrow or Ctrl+Home or Ctrl+Shift+PageDown. That specifically on M3800 and the likes (i.e. Lenovo Yoga) would need freaking 4 keys together.

I also really really want to see a laptop with IPS 1920x1200 panel as 1080 is not enough for me.

From the perspective of such keyboard, I was holding on to E6410/E6510's for a while, but then made an upgrade to E6530 which allows 16Gb RAM easily. What I also did was replaced LCD with a Full HD IPS panel. There's no direct match that would fit right in, however, E6530 lid has enough space to put newer IPS panels like LP156WF4(SL)(B2) after removing a few things like indicator lights and some plastic pieces. Overall, besides the sucky keyboard that E6530 has, that IPS replacement was really worth it.

I also tried E7440 which comes with a Full HD IPS screen already, but it seemed at 14", letters were a bit too small for me. Another problem is that the IPS version is touch-screen and is glossy, while I really need Matte panel.

Comment Agile works well when you work fast (Score 1) 507

From my experience, Agile works really well when you or your manager can define "mini projects" that are completed within 1-2 days. Yet, if you are slow and such projects take 1-2 weeks, it doesn't work as well.

From this perspective, the best Agile teams should have several super fast developers who would interact on such development every morning and keep the good speed of going forward.

Comment Re:Logitech K750 (solar) (Score 1) 452

That's interesting, I actually found the plastic with slight curvature "down" on K750 working in my favor when I type. But I'll check K800 if I see one on display. I know that MS Natural ones were just severely irritating me, and the quality of their key "plasticy transitions" from up to down was really bad. K750 I absolutely love everything about.

Comment Re:Logitech K750 (solar) (Score 1) 452

It seems the keys on K800 are a bit different. They look similar to a predecessor to K750, which was unfortunately not very good.

I do agree that for a lot of programming and IDEs having the normal 2x3 ins/del and none of this BS with arrows, enter keys that some manufacturers make is important.

Comment Logitech K750 (solar) (Score 2) 452

Logitech K750 (solar) is the best in my opinion. I WISH IT WAS NOT SOLAR THOUGH AND HAD A REAL WIRE INSTEAD.

Long story why. I used original IBM clickly keyboards (still have 2) also used cheap plastic clones of these and wore out keys on 2 such keyboards because they are from regular plastic material. Also tried Microsoft "Natural" - there's really nothing natural - they all suck and slow.

In the end, I came across that keyboard on display at FRY's and it felt amazing. Bought 4 since then. They are unfortunately, not the most reliable. I already had one die just after 3 years. IBM are still rock solid after > 30 years. However, I notice a drastic performance boost with these keyboards. It seems I can type more code in less time, and I don't mind paying for more of these.

Unfortunately previous model without the solar batteries even though looks similar, does not actually feel the same. It feels "slow" as normal keyboards. Yet the K750 feels like the code just appears itself. When I go to work somewhere, I take one with me as well.

Comment Latency varies when protocols switch (Score 2) 174

You may be able to check if your latency varies due to mobile protocol switches to lower power due to less activity.

As a first test, try:

ping -t -l 1000
ping -t

If the 1000 byte ping has more consistent times than the standard pings - that's the issue and you may be able to find a minimum payload size which makes the connection more consistent without switching.

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