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Comment Re:Developing markets (Score 1) 821

the answer is presumably because they consider piracy to be wrong, but don't want shell out money for the full version.

Presumably, but if that's the case it's not terribly smart.

In most developing markets you'll find the consumers to be less savvy about high tech IP issues like copyright violation than other developed markets. Far less.

Hell, less than five years ago here you had a significant percentage of the online population in the states copying music left and right with no clue that it was even illegal, much less wonder about the morality of it. You still see that defense come up from time to time, too.

And MS expects some preteen in Singapore to know better? Good luck with that.

Singapore is not a developing country. Parent modded down for racism.

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Ten Hardcore iPhone Games, not just Casual Anymore (

hyeh writes: The iPhone has been hailed as the next-big-thing in gaming by Apple, but has often been derided as nothing more than a casual gaming platform by its detractors. Here are 10 iPhone games (plus a few bonus ones) that show that mobile gaming on an iPhone can appeal to core gamers. With Wii-like motion controls and a Nintendo DS-like touch screen, the iPhone is capable more input methods than most consoles, and the multi-touch interface can emulate a gamepad when needed. This genre-spanning list includes everything from RTS, FPS/TPS action games, platform, puzzle, to RPGs. Keep in mind that all these games will work with the iPod touch as well.

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