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Comment Re:Baking political correctness in society (Score 0) 367

I'll take my freedom of speech and deal with having to read some things I don't like to not give up my right to be heard in society at large.

No censorship has ever helped anyone, if someone is truly posting something so profane then maybe as a society we should be looking at the root cause of that anger to begin with?

Think of how much hate speech you wouldn't have to tolerate from either side of the globe if the US would quit playing in the sand pits of the middle east and focus on tending to her own people instead.

Comment How is promoting diversity not discriminatory? (Score 0) 343

Can anyone rationally explain to me how "promoting diversity" is not causing discrimination against the white males?

I seriously do not understand how anyone can claim to be promoting diversity by specifically targeting a group of individuals based purely on their ethnicity & sex.

Real diversity means keeping an open system that is truly fair to all, if only white male presenters turned up to be speakers then that shouldn't be an issue. It's not racism or discrimination that makes that happen, they were merely the only ones willing & able to speak at the event.

Stop this horrible version of discrimination against white males in the name of equality!

Comment Re:Oh Lord. (Score 0) 506

It's ridiculous how few times they actually do any engineering to validate the speeds on roads.

Arizona in general makes a retarded amount of money by creating speed zone traps and automated camera systems.

The roads here are WIDE and VERY VERY FLAT with little to go wrong comparative to other places I've been.

I got nailed with a speeding ticket here last year, the officer was hiding behind a wall to get me... yes I'm a horrible speeder... as I slowed to a red light and got pulled over while stopped. Yeah that really helped improve the safety around here and totally wasn't a revenue scam... a massive like 6 mph over on a flat straight road with nearly 1 mile in visibility in either direction.

Comment Never too old... till you stop (Score 5, Insightful) 772

I firmly believe you're too old to learn the day you stop learning.

Never ever quite learning the latest and greatest in programming, to do any less is condemning ones own career path.

Having recently joined the ranks of older programmers I still find that I can completely crush the new kids by leveraging that vast experience I already have.

Dust off the learning hat and get back into the fight man, 40 isn't a time to lay down and die... last I heard 30 was the new 20 and 40 was the new 30... and we're all going to be broke in this economy so who cares in the end?

Comment Abandon patents... (Score 0) 267

Seriously it's high time we abandon the patent system.

It does not work at all in the modern age.

How can you claim a patent on something against another party that didn't use anything of yours to create it?

In theory any of us could write a web service that does exactly what this patent describes completely from our own designs quite easily without any influence from Google... but then be liable to be sued by Google for patent violation. It's not possible to write software without violating patents these days as every basic idea is being patented constantly.

We need to free software from the burden of ridiculous patents, I'm fine with protecting someone's intellectual property but a generic idea that anyone can implement is not intellectual property.

Comment Not in my car no matter the law... (Score 0) 619

No matter what law they pass I will not comply with this and do not think any American that has ever read the constitution should.

This is straight illegal search and seizure and a clear violation of our constitutional rights!!

I'd sooner stop buying cars and maintain my current ones for the next 100 years then submit to even more monitoring.

We have to stop this tide of automated police enforcement and monitoring!!! Live free or die trying!

Our men and women do not die every day to support tyranny at home, bring them home for operation Washington DC and see how they like some UAVs keeping tabs on them and enjoy a police state till they get the clue to support freedom for real and not make a mockery of our rights.

Comment Don't redirect, cut the program off. (Score 0) 91

Don't redirect the output of this "fund", but instead remove the charge all together.

Most rural areas have access to these things and eventually as consumer demand drives it they will get access to other things like broadband.

We do not need stimulus programs from the 1930s these days, we need cost cutting. I'd rather put that $8 billion towards the national debt even for the next 5 years to help out there then cut it off entirely.

Comment Re:Bye-bye! (Score 0) 997

I really want to thank them for helping to create the American working society of people who work more then they ever have time to live, it's really great.

In this modern world why can't we take advantage of the fact we don't need so many workers by reducing the # of hours per worker? 5 out of 7 days a week you spent the majority of your day working... why not a more even split? 4 days on, 3 days off or something...

We have millions of unemployed, hell lets all work 20 hour weeks and have 2 people per job, technology has drastically reduced the need for people in most lines of work.

Just this week my electric meter got upgraded to be able to be read remotely... that eliminates the need for someone to monthly walk around reading meters which has happened for many many years, a very simple example but it points how the distinct fact that we just don't need this many workers. The world over is faced with huge employment problems due to technology but we're forcing the remaining employees to work even longer to support handout programs to the non-working, it's nonsense.

Comment Re:Rule of Law (Score 0) 515

What I really don't understand is how we as a society think jail is a deterrent or in any way a form of rehabilitation.

Lets say for example you have a 30 year old male that has never committed a violent crime before in their life, they get drunk one night and make one set of bad decisions.. that one night can potentially be the end of their life as a useful citizen as they're now part of the "justice" system. Jail is a stupid concept that doesn't really solve anything, in this case you can turn an ordinary citizen into a repeat offending criminal by ending their regular life with even a short jail sentence. Losing your job, your home, your identity as a citizen and suddenly the odds of you doing more crime goes way way up. What does society benefit by locking up the once in a lifetime mistake kinds of criminals?

That stupid decision could be as simple as buying pot from an undercover cop or hitting on a girl that turns out to be underage even when she looks, talks, acts 21+.

Our "justice" system is a career education system for crime and punishment not resolution and restitution.

All any of us can hope to do is keep their heads down cause lets face it driving to work and back you can break enough laws to sit in jail for 20 years.

Back to the original post though... why are the police worried about us filming them? I'm way more concerned with these unconstitutional speeding & red light cameras that we're starting to see everywhere.
I'm all for having police and support the men & women who do the job but I'm solidly against any automatic enforcement of any law. There's no reason as a private citizen that you shouldn't film the police or record them while interacting with them, it's the only real evidence you can have as to what happened. Police film citizens constantly without consent, return the favor.

Comment Re:Can you sue the FBI for damages? (Score 0) 235

Nope, not at least successfully. You're welcome to give your money to the courts in a failed effort to try but at the end of the day the FBI violates citizens rights on a daily basis and destroys legitimate business on a daily basis.

Having lived through some FBI "mistakes" even with legal counsel at your side it's very very difficult to fight them due to their status as a government entity. Just because the charter or law they're operating under may exclude certain actions there's always a loop hole. Like when they can't prevent you doing business but seize your phone system and customer records it's kind of difficult to continue operations and nobody will care how bad it destroys your business while they "investigate". You have no real protections from the law in the United States, all you can do is pray to avoid their attention and that is all.

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