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Submission + - DARPA to Sponsor R&D for Interstellar Travel (nytimes.com)

Apocryphos writes: The government agency that helped invent the Internet now wants to do the same for travel to the stars.

In what is perhaps the ultimate startup opportunity, Darpa, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, plans to award some lucky, ambitious and star-struck organization roughly $500,000 in seed money to begin studying what it would take — organizationally, technically, sociologically and ethically — to send humans to another star, a challenge of such magnitude that the study alone could take a hundred years.

Submission + - Impounded Computers, Copyright and IP

An anonymous reader writes: I work at a major University in Australia, and today a colleague had his computer impounded by the CIO. It was connected to the network with permission from our supervisor, and was running services that we used to do our work(timetable software, wiki, subversion etc). But none of the custom software is owned by the university. Since they have impounded it, they declare that they are allowed to investigate all software and break into the system. My colleague said that he does not give permission, but the university refuse to return the computer until they finish their internal investigation. We are currently trying to find a lawyer who is knowledgeable to assist, but was wondering what other peoples experiences have been. How many of the slashdot readers have seen similiar things and how were they resolved?

Comment Who really cares about the Pre? (Score 0, Offtopic) 176

I love that it has a Linux based operating system. The hardware looks kinda nice.

But it's coming into an already crowded market. Competing with the iphone is not going to be easy. At least the iphone comes from a background of an integrated product line. Ie Buy MacBook for computer, Ipod for music, Iphone for telecoms.

Palm doesn't have that. It's got a proprietary version of the operating system. Only runs on one(maybe two with Pixie) piece of hardware, and is competing with very well established lines of smart phones and feature phones(ie anything with S60, WinMo, Blackberry etc)

If Palm had released it 5 years ago(or maybe when it bought BeOS), I would care a lot more.

Android is my bet, as I should be able to concentrate on hardware upgrades, and not having to learn another crappy software interface. I want a good operating system that works on multiple hardware platforms-and not WinMo(I said "good" :P )


Submission + - OLPC Being Derailed by Microsoft and Intel 1

anti.myrmidon writes: According the the Wall Street Journal,
Mr. Negroponte's ambitious plan has been derailed, in part, by the power of his idea. For-profit companies threatened by the projected $100 price tag set off at a sprint to develop their own dirt-cheap machines, plunging Mr. Negroponte into unexpected competition against well-known brands such as Intel Corp. and Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system.

Submission + - Australia changes it's Federal Government

donak writes: Australia has elected itself a Labor government, which completes the set. There is a Labor Government at the top two levels of government, Federal and All States & Teritories. This is rare in Australian politics, the only previous time when the Liberal party was in the same position for less than a year in 1969. For a peek at the results go to http://www.abc.net.au/elections/federal/2007/ our national publicly funded broadcaster. The interesting point : which State will fall first to the Liberal / National conservative parties? We're a changable mob, so it's inevitable sooner rather than later.
Operating Systems

Submission + - 10 Things To Do Just After Installing Ubuntu 7.10 (ovelha.org)

dansku writes: "Ubuntu is a very complete OS, especially the Gutsy Gibbon (7.10), but there are still make tweaks you can do just after installing it that will make Ubuntu shine like never. I will explain here some things I do just after have ubuntu installed. Remember that what I've written here are the best things to install for ME, you may consider not making some of them or installing many different things, but if so, please, share your wisdom with us all."

Submission + - How Can I Make A Secure Phone Call?

An anonymous reader writes: It is becoming increasingly difficult to convince myself that I should continue walking around while wearing a mobile tracking device and a mobile audio bug. That said, I'd like to be able to use the phone, and I'd occasionally like to be able to use it in places that aren't my home. Is this possible to do securely? The best thing that I can think of is to somehow run zfone on a mobile wifi handset. Or perhaps on a smartphone with the SIM card removed? Is this possible? Has anyone had any success with this, or have any recommendations on ways to make mobile secure calls and avoid being tracked?
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - why Linux Community Didn't Come Up With iPhone?

An anonymous reader writes: Lately, there seems to an explosion of interest in Open Source. I suppose it is a natural progression. When interest in something grows, its level of recognition expands exponentially as more and more people become aware. It seems the scientific community is also starting to take note — not necessarily of the software, but of the way in which Open Source community functions.At this time a question arise in my mind-Why linux community doesnt comeup with iphone?This blog story will clarify my doubts.

Submission + - Give One Get One OLPC Offer Extended

kdrexler writes: "The One Laptop Per Child Foundation has announced that due to "a massive surge of mainstream consumer demand" since the organization started its Get One Give One program on November 12, the program has been extended until the end of 2007. The announcement of the extension is here:

Submission + - Nokia N810 unboxing and review (arstechnica.com)

noc writes: Ars Technica has written an informative review of the Nokia N810 with unboxing photos and user interface screenshots. The review focuses on the new built-in keyboard and GPS functionality that differentiate the Nokia N810 from its predecessor, the N800. The article concludes that the N810 is a good product, but criticizes the weaknesses of the keyboard and the limitations of the free GPS software included with the device. The reviewer also looks at issues that are relevant to third-party software developers, like the process of developing native applications for the N810 with Python and GTK.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Why the RAZR is killing Motorola

Dynamoo writes: "Motorola's latest RAZR2 handsets announced yesterday are certainly impressive and much improved under the hood.. but on the surface it looks just like the old RAZR warmed over.

Is Motorola terminally fixated on the RAZR design? Some people seem to think so — but can Motorola's recent woes can really be blamed on sticking with the RAZR for too long?"

Submission + - Vista sells 40 M licenses in 100 days.

Gary writes: "In the first 100 days since its launch in Jan 30 Windows Vista has sold an astounding 40 million licenses. Bill Gates gives the credit to accelerating consumer shift to digital lifestyles which has made it the fastest selling operating system in history. Surprisingly the more expensive premium editions accounted for 78 percent of Vista sales. With around 400,000 licenses a day new Vista users will take 8 weeks to beat Mac users, 4 days to exceed Mac sales and 3 days to exceed Linux desktop users."

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