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Comment Re:[citation needed] (Score 1) 278

Yeah, well, it's classified. No sense revealing who we didn't go to war with because of successful data gathering if that would cause the war we avoided.

If he'd just stuck to revealing domestic data collection activities he might've been OK. But he had to reveal sources and methods used against targets outside the US and its allies...

And if you think Russia wasn't using those same sources and methods, well, I have a bridge to sell you. Nice view of Brooklyn. I bet he has "depression" and will eventually "commit suicide".

50/50 chance his next of kin get a bill for the bullet.

Comment My Dad's Subaru (Score 1) 160

has an almost-self-driving capability when the lane departure assist is activated. But when driving on the freeway in heavy snow last winter, as soon as the optical system couldn't see the road because of the snow building up, all the automation shut down. Wth lots of visual and auditory warnings to let me know it was shutting down.

I imagine this is the same sort of thing. Auditory and visual warnings to let the driver know the system is switching to fully manual operation.

Comment It looks like the best system for my needs... (Score 1) 134

...is a notebook with usernames and passwords written down in it. Primarily because any system I use has to work on Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

I don't actually write down the password, but a description of it. "Usual, first letter cap, +9*3, without old First Sergeant's name" type of thing.

Comment Working with DHS components (Score 2) 198

DHS being the Defense Health Service of the DoD. Someone had the brilliant idea of requiring the use of CACs (ID cards) to log in to terminals used by military medical personnel worldwide. This would satisfy the HIPAA requirements, keep Security happy, make it easy to log who was seeing what, and generally be a Good Thing.

Then it was pointed out that using a CAC for login required a connection to validation servers. And field hospitals in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places generating lots of patients might not have good connections... Oh, and Navy ships at (and especially under) sea can also lack good connectivity.

Amazingly, the Powers That Be agreed that the Idea, while Good, was not practical, so using the CAC is now recommended rather than required.

Comment I bought a VW TDI because (Score 1) 124

It was, according to independent testing and according to VW's marketing: More powerful than gasoline cars, more fuel efficient, and less polluting. The fix, whatever it is, will probably reduce the power available, or reduce fuel economy, in order to bring it within limits. Probably reducing power. So I bought the based on false pretenses. Oh, and I paid more for it than I would have for a gasoline vehicle.

So, yeah, I was definitely defrauded. Of potentially several thousand dollars.

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