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Comment Paedophile, not a hero (Score -1) 239

I'm not sure why he's considered one of the lads. McAfee is a paedophile, who purchased the company of a 14 year old girl, Amy. He claimed in 2010 she was 16, but curiously, in 2012, she was discovered to be 18, by Wired Magazine.


Comment Re:UK isn't England (Score 1) 253

Well, that's not a very good comparison.

If we take the US Tour example, the idea of calling it a US Tour would be laughed at if it toured only one of your many states. This is precisely what Microsoft did in the UK, when they toured only one of the UK countries, and called it a UK tour.

So if, for example, only Missouri was part of the US Tour, I'm sure most Americans would laugh at it, and point out that it's a Missouri Tour, not a US Tour.

This is the same situation I have highlighted.

And as for your rant about getting our own sovereignty, this is precisely what we're in the process of doing.

Comment Re:In their defense... (Score 0) 253

Or even more accurately...
Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of this Realm and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

But that's a bit of a mouthful.

She is not Queen Elizabeth the Second, no matter how much she may wish to be.

She is Queen Elizabeth the Second of England, or simply Queen Elizabeth.

In Scotland, we have never had a Queen Elizabeth the First, as QE I was queen of England only, long before the Act of Union. This is why Royal Mail postboxes in Scotland show ER and not ERII. Following incidents in the 1950s that saw postboxes with the EIIR cypher being attacked by militant Scottish nationalists who objected to the term Queen Elizabeth the Second on the basis that Scotland had never had a Queen Elizabeth the First, the then GPO undertook to use only ER in Scotland.

Comment UK isn't England (Score 5, Interesting) 253

I don't pay any attention anyway.

Microsoft insists in referring to England as the UK when in fact they mean England.

Scotland has different holidays to England, but these aren't available to Scottish users according to MS.

Last year Windows UK had a UK tour, which only toured English cities. Nothing in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

A peeved UK citizen in Scotland.

Comment Re:Is there anything they won't mock? (Score 2, Informative) 1131

That said, have they ever refused to parody or ridicule someone or something? Is there anything that is "sacred" to them?

I suspect not. They seem consistent.

Remember Chef/Isaac Hayes - despite being a great character, they were happy to let him protest and walk, in the name of freedom of expression.

Submission + - ID madness hits Orange UK

norfolkboy writes: This evening, my partner's Orange UK mobile account was suspended without notice or warning.

He telephoned as to enquire why, and was told that they didn't have "ID" for him on file. This is despite Orange having been presented with ID at the time of contract setup. Orange say the reason for this abundance of caution is that without ID, they cannot be sure the account wasn't set up fraudulently.

Peter suggested that if they believe the account is fraudulent, Orange must cease the account and terminate the contract. Unfortunately, Orange want to both have their cake and eat it. Orange refuse to cancel the contract, stating that "they have proof that he signed up for it". Apparently though, this isn't sufficient proof to allow him to use the contract for which he pays.

Submission + - Verizon CEO: US #1 in Broadband; Because I say so (cfr.org)

jandrese writes: "Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg went on the record with the Council of Foreign relations to say that the US has far and away the best Broadband in the world, and that the European model has not served its customers nearly as well as the US model. Also how the FCC is making a big mistake if it starts regulating broadband and wireless.

Murray: So on the measures that matter most to you, where does the United States rank in terms of

Seidenberg: One. Not even close.

Seidenberg then goes on to explain how Verizon has laid more fiber than all of the telecom companies in Europe combined, and how Europeans have to carry multiple cell phones if they want to avoid roaming fees. He also promises to go after wireless bandwidth hogs."


Submission + - Electronic Arts Launches New Tiger Woods Game (zacks.com) 2

rexjoec writes: Electronic Arts Inc. released a new online game named Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11, providing an enhanced golf video game experience via a web browser to on-the-go golf enthusiasts. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online has high resolution 3D graphics capabilities, but requires no game installation, disc and additional peripherals.

Comment Great for us travellers! (Score 1) 114

I often visit the USA for several weeks at a time.

With this device, I'll simply be able to plug the cell into my broadband in the US and have access as if I was home in the UK, without any worries!

I do begrudge the idea of paying Vodafone for traffic in the UK, but outside, this sounds ideal!

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