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Comment Why not yet ? (Score 5, Interesting) 211

I'm wondering why my tv hasn't been hacked with air waves : one morning, I switched it on and it told me a firmware update had been uploaded over the air during the night.

What can stop hackers to send rogue fw updates over the air ?

Also, is it possible to exploit mpeg2 video decoder bugs to takecontrol of tv ?

Any info of previously discovered hacks of this kind ?

Comment Re:LOL! (Score 1) 446

2. mp3 is only useful for compatibility with portable players. its compression ratio sucks compared with aac and other lossy formats. there is nothing superior about mp3 compared with cd audio except for the fact that it's smaller.

mp3 directly riped from CD have worst quality, OK. But I'm wonder wich format wins if mp3 is produced from 24-bit audio @ 96 KHz... This new mp3 or the 44 KHz CD ?


Submission + - "Cheap" Apple iPhone in The Works (

kingkaos69 writes: Apple has stated multiple times before that it was not interested in low-cost smartphones, but we know sometimes the market realities may force one company to change its strategies and politics. Apparently this has been the case this time for Apple, as it is reportedly preparing to introduce at least one...

Submission + - Most Violent Video Games Of All Time

adeelarshad82 writes: Switzerland and Australia already feel that violent video games are an issue and in June U.S Supreme Court will also take matters in its own hands. A revisit to some of the most violent video games made over the last couple of decades shows exactly why this is such a huge concern. Moreover games like Mortal Kombat and Modern Warfare 2 are exactly why studies like violent video games aren't harmful to most kids taken seriously.

Submission + - Debian 6 Squeeze Review (

JimLynch writes: It wasn’t too long ago that I did a very late review of Debian 5. I’m happy to say that it didn’t take me nearly as long to get around to the latest release, Debian 6 Squeeze. If you aren’t familiar with Debian then this release is a great chance to learn about a distro that is the foundation for a lot of other distributions including Ubuntu, Linux Mint and others.

Submission + - Gates & Ballmer dumping MSFT shares (

walterbyrd writes: Microsoft Founder and Chairman Bill Gates sold 10 million Microsoft shares earlier this month, for a total of 90 million shares sold over the past year (a value of approximately $2.5 billion). CEO Steve Ballmer also sold nearly 50 million shares in the past week, his first stock selloff in seven years. Gates is still Microsoft's largest shareholder, with nearly 600 million shares. But should other investors be nervous about the accelerated rate of his divestiture?

Comment Re:What DirectX does that OpenGL/SDL don't (Score 1) 515

Images and sounds have to be played ASAP in a video game, when the real time event occurs. Draw images ASAP, play sounds ASAP, never try to synchronise (i.e. make drawing wait for sounds or make sounds wait for drawings) theim or your game will feel shitty. Images and sounds have to be synchronized only for movie playback, where lag doesn't matter.

Comment Re:dark side of the coin (Score 1) 328

No... I never said you had the freedom to force me to listen. I can walk away. If you insist on following me, I'll go to my private property (or someone else's private property that I know). If you still follow me after being asked to leave, you're trespassing.

Seems spam filters are basically putting up gates to my private property, in a very vague way.

And either way, I have every right to plug my ears and close my eyes while you try to sell me something. Freedom of speech doesn't imply you are guaranteed and audience :)

Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Will Apple Rescue Intel's Silverthorne? (

UMEE writes: AppleInsider looks deep behind the rumors of an expanded partnership between Apple and Intel involving Silverthorne, the second generation, low power x86 processor designed to power Microsoft's UMPC. However, sales of the tablet devices have historically been bogged down by design, price, performance, and usability issues, and UMPCs have seen little marketing. Apple's use of the processor could turn things around by leveraging the company's strengths in marketing, retail, and design, but it's certainly not alone in targeting the ultra mobile space. Low priced alternatives including the Asus Eee PC and OLPC XO-1, both of which run Linux and use processors from Intel rivals TI and AMD, have already stolen the limelight among ultra mobile devices. Is the future ultra mobile? Will tablet computing fail yet again? Will Apple Rescue Intel's Silverthorne?

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