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Comment Re: Should read "the intensifying Russia-China sp (Score 1) 264

Actually, I think that you have missed things: the Falcon 9 can launch ~13 tonnes to leo on a reusable, but 23 tonnes to leo if f9 is expendable. IOW, it is close to the DIVH, only a fraction of the costs. And the FH will not do a xross-over, but will still get 54+ tonnes to leo. The falcons are currently volume limited, so supposedly, SX WAS working on new fairing. I'm sure at this moment that those ppl are working on F9's situation which appears to be their helium tank.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 244

everybody that has worked on mars missions.
I worked on MGS, and can tell you that to be successful with most missions, you have to have a much higher level of quality compared to normal.
Oddly, if ESA, Russia, CHina, etc wanted to really test this, they would send a duplicate around the moon and then land it on earth.
That would test just about every subsystems in similar ways.

Comment Re: THX Used to mean something (Score 3, Interesting) 44

THX wasn't even a technology, it was just a spec and certification - glorified QA with a big price tag.

The reason it's not relevant now is it basically devolved to big speakers and bass since that's all anyone noticed. Current theater effort like Dolby Atmos will provide *much* better audio quality, and still plenty of volume and rumbling bass.

Comment Re:Brazil beat you by 10 years (Score 1) 264

you said that this was for the last 100 years. Yet, the fact is, that ALL OF THAT took place PRIOR to 100 years ago. For the last 100 years, CHina has been to itself, and the west has had very little to do with it, EXCEPT help them when Japan was raping and pillaging you.
So, lets try again. EXACTLY what warring has China had to do with the west? Keep in mind that prior to WWII, that Japan was not part of the west, and that Russia never has been.

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