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Comment Re:Ob. xkcd (Score 1) 978

You're conflating what you can do and what you should do. For the vast majority of rights we have, I think we should exercise them on a regular basis, lest people think we "don't need them" anymore. But it's not our role to play criminal justice system.

Yes, you can discriminate against people by their race or height what they want written on their cake or because they looked at you funny. That doesn't mean you should

And yes, you can discriminate against someone who does those very things. That still doesn't mean you should.

(There's some asterisks here, of course. You always must fulfill agreements, offers, and other contracts. The law might disagree with me, but that doesn't make the law right.)

Comment Re:Muh Rights (Score 1) 197

Not exactly correct. Slaves were counted as 3/5ths of a person for Congressional representation, instead of a full person, and that's a good thing because that reduced the representation of slave states in Congress.

That's literally the only reason that clause exists in the Constitution, and it says nothing about race, only slave status.

Comment Re:Gee (Score 1) 316


If a trading firm dumps every last share and plunges the value of a company by half... so what? Great opportunity to buy all the cheap, underpriced shares that just went on sale.

If a trading firm buys a billion dollars of stocks of a firm... so what? Someone just got a lot richer by selling all the overpriced stocks.

What else could you possibly mean?

Comment Re:Gee (Score 1) 316

It might be painless for you, but you can't say that for sure about everyone else who is trading, which is what actually matters.

The alternative is you don't restrict people from selling their own property.

Comment Re:Gee (Score 2) 316

I'm sorry, do you have any clue how markets and stock markets work?

Any tax on individual transactions would absolutely mutilate liquidity. Markets and entire economic theorems about their efficiency only works when the cost of a transaction is negligible.

Further, do you have any clue how stocks are issued and priced? The price of a stock is just the price at which the last one was traded for. The price that YOU are going to be able to buy or sell for is different, it's whatever price a second party is willing to sell or buy for (respectively).

And you realize the price level is completely arbitrary, right? If a corporation feels that the stock is priced too high, no problem, just issue a 10:1 split and boom, their $1000/share is now $100/share.

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