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Comment Re:motivation (Score -1, Troll) 162

What happens is that when people don't get punished for the first few things, they start to realize that the normal limits don't apply, and the bad sorts start pushing the envelope. Eventually ...

... eventually you get Hillary Clinton in control of the Democrat party and being presumed to be the next president. But pendulum does always swing the other way. This sort of thing could easily damage Uber's reputation and user base, in a significant way, at the retail level. Just like with the election, people vote with their feet, especially when it's so easy to just go somewhere else (Lyft, etc).

Comment Re:do you want to get mugged behind a bar? (Score 1) 133

rule 16 - there are no girls on the internet.

While that cliche may once have been broadly- albeit never completely- true, it's a long time since that was the case.

Now that I think about it, it's no longer just a long time since that was the case... it's even been a long time since people felt it necessary to point out that the stereotype no longer applied. We've completely moved on now- when smartphones are more common than not among the female population, it's probably not something it would even occur to most people to think about nowadays.

Comment Re: The real question is (Score 1) 86

Poundland batteries only last a few minutes if you draw real current from them! They are lighter too.

Can't swear that they last as long as Duracells, but I've never had that problem with the various brands I bought there.

Are you absolutely sure those were alkaline batteries (i.e. the ones I was discussing) and not zinc carbon/chloride (the "dirt-cheap-but-underpowered-for-most-real-uses" type)? They sell both, often in similar packaging.

The zinc ones are usually, but not always, cheaper (because they're crap) and if you're getting like ten or more for a pound (10+6 free) they're almost certainly not alkalines. Don't be fooled by the "Heavy Duty" label; that came from the fact that zinc chloride cells once offered a noticeable improvement over zinc carbon, but they're still feeble by modern standards.

Comment Re:The real question is (Score 1) 86

HP fail: compare your product to something that no competitor should be worse than by far.

This is like how- in the United Kingdom at least- Duracell are still selling their (alkaline) batteries by comparing them against zinc batteries. (#) I mean, really?

That might have been valid thirty years ago when alkalines were semi-premium and zinc carbons *were* the competition, but nowadays zincs are relegated to the dirt-cheap-but-underpowered-for-most-real-uses market segment. Alkalines are mainstream and I can get four or six of them for a quid from Poundland.

How do your batteries compare against those? Twenty percent more capacity for two and a half times the price or something? Doesn't sound so good... but then, neither does relying on comparisons to an archaic technology to make yourselves look better.

(#) This advert is three years old, but I'm sure I saw a similar one less than a year ago.

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