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Comment Ignore all the naysayers (Score 1) 1186

I think this is a terrifically cool idea. My advice would be not to put any equation you don't understand, or you'll feel like a tool every time someone asks you to explain it. If you know any quantum mechanics, you could put Bohr's equation for the energy levels of a hydrogen atom. Coulomb's law springs to mind as well.

Good luck!

Comment Re:Well, at least the rest don't do this. (Score 1) 605

Except that you can't carry Bacardi 151 onto a plane, as the document states:

Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages containing 24% or less alcohol are not restricted in checked baggage. Those containing more than 24%, but not more than 70% alcohol in retail packaging are limited to 5 L (1.3 gal.) per person and 5 L (1.3 gal.) per container in checked baggage. Those containing more than 70% alcohol (more than "140 proof") may not be carried onboard passenger-carrying aircraft [emphasis added]. Alcoholic beverages containing 70% or less alcohol are limited to travel size containers (3.4 oz/100ml) through the screening checkpoint.

Comment Re:Emphasis is on the students (Score 1) 236

No industrial lab would allow a flammable solvent near an electrically charged heating mantle.

Gotta tell you, it would be great if that were the case but it just isn't. I work in a QC lab at a drug company, and people are always doing things like distilling isopropyl alcohol in a regular fume hood. There are hot plates used in the same hood as all sorts of solvents. Many people don't wear gloves, ever, even when working with stuff like mixtures containing DMSO. Safety will never trump people's intrisic laziness.

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