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Comment Who fucking wrote this? (Score 5, Insightful) 594

[What] Virgin is doing it is not. When various corporate representatives eulogize those two pilots as pioneers who were helping to cross the Final Frontier, that should make you angry. That pilot died not for space but for a luxury service provider. His death doesn't get us closer to Mars; it just keeps rich people further away from weightlessness and a beautiful view.

"The cost of freedom is always high, but {humanity} have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission. - JFK"

Seriously? That's like condemning the Titanic sinking and cancelling all travel plans across the oceans. Is it dangerous? Yep. Are people going to die? Yep.

Keep pushing the envelope.

~ Note, changed Americans to humanity in the JFK quote.

Comment Re:I learned a lot from school (Score -1, Flamebait) 281

"Back then the GI Bill covered $12,500 for college tuition, which in 1997 was around 3 semesters at the school I attended. ...You don't need a degree, you just need to be smart."

You just proved my point. The 1990's HR would hire you if you had anything technical on a resume that was 1 page.

Today there are people with 8 years experience who have been out of work for awhile who are desperate to make $30,000 a year since unemployment is about ready to go away.

In a recession/depression you compete for jobs. In a boom of the 1950's/1990's jobs compete for you! I am sure you have headhunters calling you today and the answer to this is you have many years of experience and solid references.

Also I can't buy a house today and even renting an apartment is hard. Why? I owe $40,000 in student loans. FYI I did 2 years at a community college to save momey. College is much much more expensive in today than in the 1990s. Try a good 400% more.

Back in 2002 - 2006 you could get a home easily. Not true today.

I am not whining or complaining as my wages are gradually increasing. But no I do not have it as good and it is requiring a lot more work today. Without a degree working at a call center or stocking electronics at TigerDirect is your only future as no one will take a chance when there are 3 to 4 people with them for ever job opening.

No retard, no. You stated "Those who argue I DO NOT NEED A DEGREE got in in 1999 when you didn't need one."

I started in civil service in 2001. 2 years after your bold and blanket statement.

I like how you highlighted the fact that I was in college in 1997 though.

Comment Re:I learned a lot from school (Score 2) 281

Those who argue I DO NOT NEED A DEGREE got in in 1999 when you didn't need one. If you are one of these try being born 15 years later and getting a job today? ... no degree? How does $12/hr aka 20,000 a year sound? Great!

It's funny you broke everything down that way, because that's pretty much my life. Except it's not and I don't have a degree.

See, I joined the military in 1992 and quickly learned the technical side of my vocation since it was always mostly OJT in the first place. In between I took a few college courses here and there, and after I got out of the military I went to college full-time. Back then the GI Bill covered $12,500 for college tuition, which in 1997 was around 3 semesters at the school I attended. I never finished and dropped out while I was just starting my junior year.

After a few temp jobs I found myself landing a position as a civilian with the government! It was structured exactly like the military was, with the lower paid employees being the worker bees, and middle management being your average NCO. The "upper" management staff were your E-7's and above, with CO's managing them all.

I'm a product of the system - If you're young like I was when I started and were able to move around, promotions came quickly. I went from 25k a year in 2001 to 45k a year in 2008. 20k in 7 years isn't too bad! I kept my eye open on places to move to that had low cost of living expenses, and now I'm working at a job that pays me 60k a year when the average family takes home 50k. I bought my house here for 97k and with the monthly payment of $460, I'll have it paid off before I turn 50.

I still haven't gotten my degree yet, but I'm working on it.

You don't need a degree, you just need to be smart.

Comment Re:Funny how things work out (Score 2) 67

" help shape a new way of fighting malware, learning from the lessons of the PC generation and its traditional anti-malware products. "

"Remember how Slashdot spent 10+ years mocking Windows for being a malware-laden cesspool of unremovable OEM junkware with an antivirus industry built around it?"

Yep, came here to basically say the same thing. I can't believe my phone would need a virus scanner. What's next? Android Security Essentials 2012?

Comment Re:Is she? (Score 5, Funny) 366

"*** News flash, you can enter your query in Google Search with your voice as well. ***

I just tried this, trying louder and louder each time. My neighbors just called the cops. Can someone else PLEASE google "Did Hitler love anal sex" for me??

PS - I don't have a microphone.

Comment Re:Bay needs to... (Score 5, Funny) 481

"but now Megan Fox's ass has probably had 15 surgeries and looks like it's made of plastic, much like the rest of her. I'll pass."

She's obviously way below your standards, with her sharp knees and all. We can't all be lucky enough like you to have had Natalie Portman pour hot grits into our underwear.

Comment Re:it doesnt matter really (Score 1) 607

"...detects it as an "entertainment device""

Since when are entertainment devices all toys? I get entertainment from a variety of things, like driving a car really, really fast around a track on the weekends. I play golf with friends where I use an app on my iPhone to judge the distance to the pin. The device I'm staring at right now to type in this message entertains me.

So, cars, golf clubs, mobile computers and desktop computers are toys?

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