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Journal Journal: Redundant Moderation

The idea of losing karma for redundant moderation is crude and inaccurate. I just recently lost karma due to being modded down as redudant. The main problem with this is that whether or not your post gets marked as redudant, when multiple redudant posts exist, is somewhat random.

If multiple people post similar posts around the same time, one has to to ask: Among these redundant posters, which one gets modded up resulting in all the others getting modded down? Should it be the absolute first poster? Maybe... But how many moderators actually check who was the first to post it? Aparently there was a posted made 16 minutes before mine that was very similar, that I was not aware of because when I had looked at the Slashdot page a little earlier it either wasn't there or had been moderated fairly low. It's okay to moderate my post down as redundant, but considering I had no reasonable way of knowing another similar post existed (short of being paranoid and constantly refreshing the story as I was writing the post) it shouldn't detract from my karma. There should be a modification to the system that allows a mark of 'redundant' to be associated with the exact post that makes it redundant so if the system sees it was posted within a short time span, it won't count against the user's karma.

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