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Comment Thanks a Lot Canada! (Score 1) 76

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) initially decided not to enforce a single date for ending analog broadcasts, opting to let market forces decide when the switchover will occur.[8] It subsequently reversed its position, on May 17, 2007,[9] setting an analogue shutoff date of August 31, 2011,[10] just over two years after the American transition date of June 12, 2009. Mandatory markets with a transmitter that does not transition to digital by the deadline will lose the over-the-air signal for the corresponding station permanently or until a digital transmitter is brought on-the-air for that station in that area. Note that the transition deadline only concerns over-the-air signals and does not impact other televisions reception methods in Canada such as over the Internet (already digital), cable (some analog, most digital), or satellite (already digital).

Comment Steve Job's Kids (Score 1) 698

Too bad we can't get Steve Job's kids to post what they want to ask of their dad at this point in their lives. The worst part about someone dying is that the dead are never just a phonecall/text/email away (but those questions are about growing up and using you as a crutch). If you already have this much care for your daughter, she's going to turn out just right with what she's already learned from you. Better tell her to stay foolish.

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