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Journal nizo's Journal: Exchange + mac mail + 56MB email = ARGGHHHH 9

Needless to say no one should be sending 56MB files (though this one looks like spam) but boy it sure played havoc with one of our employees. Interestingly enough thunderbird was able to see the message and toss it in the trash just fine. Yippee for thunderbird! Mac mail through imap (instead of playing games with exchange directly) might have done the trick too I dunno. Being able to easily go in and find/delete the message in exchange would have been nice, but searching on the mailbox was painfully slow..... On a linux server running with maildir format it would have taken two seconds.

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Exchange + mac mail + 56MB email = ARGGHHHH

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  • Interestingly enough mbox probably would have been even faster.

    • Not to mention mailfiles are almost trivial to edit manually.

      Regardless of the storage format, though, if it'd been POP3 instead of Exchange he could telnet to port 110 of the server, authenticate, LIST, find the offending mail by size, and delete it. I used to do it all the time for dialup users.
      • yeah I used to do it that way too. Back in the old days when everything was mbox I used to have to delete corrupted messages all the time.

        • amen.

          would it possibly have been faster to connect via OWA (outlook web access)? I do it using safari all the time (because I don't use my mail.app for work crap). It only shows like 10-15 messages at a time, but it works. more or less.

          • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
            Well because of "an unfortunate series of events"(i.e. other unrelated problems, plus being sidetracked by previous problems the user had had) I didn't realize what the real problem was until after installing thunderbird. Thankfully thunderbird was able to deal with the problem :-)

            I can't wait until the exchange server is replaced by an actual server where problems can be diagnosed and taken care of without driving me insane. Speaking of which, I think the last set of security patches from Microsoft are cau

      • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
        Maildir is even better; just go to the directory storing the messages and type "du -a | sort -nr | head" and bing, your biggest messages are shown in a neat little list, ready to be moved or deleted. No more having to vi a gigantor mailbox file to fix one broken message either..... :-)
  • Hey Nizo:

    I've admittedly never used Mail.app with an Exchange server, but the following should work:

    • Right click on a mail folder and select Get Info
    • Select the Messages on Server tab
    • Find the offending message in the list, highlight it, and press the Remove from Server button.

    That should be it. You may want to interrupt and/or otherwise disable Mail.app from automatically trying to retrieve messages until the offending message has been deleted.

    Hope this helps in the future!


  • Some dimbulb sent me thirty-six copies of an e-mail with a 47MB attachment. It seems she doesn't know a) that PDFs tend to be large; b) how to check the file size on something; c) that the Internet isn't like a toilet -- if something doesn't go down the first time, flushing again won't help; d) how to read a bounce notice enough to figure out why the message was returned; and e) that sometimes a big message takes a long time to go out, and hitting Send again and again doesn't make it go faster (or somethin

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