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Comment Re: Maps technology is lost... (Score 2) 154

I'm amazed this needed to be studied. Still remember the first time I rented a GPS on a business trip. 2 days I to the trip it was clear as day I had no idea how I got from A to B. The GPS just handled it. The converse though is interactive apps like Waze...Where I monitor whether it's accurate or not. Or just letting it lead you and learning side roads as a result. Giveth, taketh and maybe giveth back again

Comment Re:More Useful Daylight in Summer (Score 1) 228

What's my point? That kids shouldn't have to die so we get more daytime hours after work?

yes kids used to walk to school all the time. Up hill both ways even. Mortality was higher back then too.

It more dangerous for kids to be out in the dark of mornings than when it's light out. Do you disagree with that?

Comment Re:Is GDB as good as the VS Debugger? (Score 1) 159

This does not replace gdb. It takes gdb - which is an extremely powerful, but also rather low-level debugger - and provides a high-level, simpler, but more convenient UI around it. Under the hood, it still talks to gdb.

This is similar to how VC++ native debugger relates to dbg/windbg. The former is more high-level and easier to use, but the latter is more powerful and lets you do crazy things.

Comment Re:need openssh-server, g++, gdb and gdbserver. (Score 1) 159

You're missing it because you're considering it from your perspective. There are many C++ developers out there for whom the primary platform is Windows, but they increasingly need to also target OS X, Linux, Android etc. This makes it easy for them to continue using Visual Studio on their machines, while building, running and debugging code on those other systems.

Another feature like that is Windows Subsystem for Linux. You wouldn't care about it if you live in Linux land entirely, but if you have Windows code that you need to port, it's awesome.

Microsoft does have a different product that does target developers on Linux and OS X specifically: VSCode. It has C++ support, among many other things, and it's free and open source. It's also much more lightweight than Eclipse or NetBeans.

Comment Re: Read the response... (Score 1) 244

I'm sorry, but they don't.

Footlong Oven Roasted Chicken = 6.75. This is big enough for two meals.

Chick Fil A Grilled chicken Sandwich only - $4.25. This uses real meat, but you'd need to buy two to last you the two meals the sub lasts you, so $8.50.

So no, you're not paying more. The sub will fill you up exactly the same for 20% less cash. You also get vastly more veggie options than "just" lettuce tomato abd pickles.

Also, people complain about "no flavor," but that's why they have a dozen different sauces.

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