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Comment Re:Displayport 1.2 limitation (Score 1) 170

Multi-stream transport over Thunderbolt. Basicallly split the screen in half, so each stream is under the maximum bandwidth.

Each stream = 1 display.

But I'm having trouble believing this thing can do TWO 5k displays simultaneously at 60Hz. According to the review on Ars Technica, the first Thunderbolt controller has four lanes of PCIe, while the second Thunderbolt controller only has 2 lanes of PCIE 3.0 = 16Gbps max bandwidth.

4k @ 60Hz requires 14Gbps, and 5k at 60Hz is 80% more pixels, so around 25Gbps. That will be closer to 30Hz on the slower controller, unless you know something I don't?

Comment Re:Space is a dead end (Score 1) 101

They supplied phone service to farmers, and it benefited every aspect of the business. It also was on the scope of tens to hundreds of miles between major cities, which wasn't really that expensive.

What we're talking about here is running cables over thousands of miles of empty territory just to connect a few hundred people at the next tiny town. We're talking desolate shitholes like Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

These places have about ONE TENTH the population density of Alaska, so excuse these poor Provincial Canadians if they don't want to run a fibre line out in the woods for thousands of miles for your pet bear to chew on,

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 168

I thought the USB 2 portion of the USB C cable was dedicated, while the four high-speed lanes are capable of carrying anything?

It's been awhile since I went into USB C all hot-and-heavy, but I thought this was how it works:

Standard mode: the 4 high speed lanes can carry 5Gbps each to carry USB 3.1 at 10Gbps r/t.

The alternate split mode could run with 2 lanes of USB 3.0 (2 lanes of 5Gbps r/t) and 2 lanes of whatever else it's carrying (2 lanes of UP TO 10Gbps each).

I thought the USB-2 only mode was when alternate mode took over all four high-speed lanes, which means you can still run Thunderbolt 40Gbps and get USB 2 accessories on the same cable.

Comment Re:Low TDP? (Score 1) 48

Nvidia will probably soon put out a new GPU that fits in the 750ti price and thermal range, and it will probably be the fastest card that does not require an external power connector. (Much like the 750ti is now)

It's already out. Better revisions of the GTX 950 have been able to get the power down to 75w. For that you get 40% higher performance than the GTX 750 Ti, and for just a five dollar premium over other GTX 950 cards!

The Asus card review

The Newegg page.

The pictures on the Newegg site still show a power connector, but on the Asus product page it's clearly removed:

And a recet review also confirms no power connector!

So yeah, Nvidia pushed this out unofficially because they will be waiting a few months for GP107, and thye wanted to stop making GTX 750 Ti silicon.

Comment This is a smart move for Microsoft. (Score 4, Insightful) 66

There is no such thing as the Google Play Store in China (yet). So Xiaomi has filled the void with their own Mi Store.

So now's a perfect time for Microsoft to catch a ride on the hottest smartphone train outside iOS. Google Play will be joining the fight later this year, so this is a move by Xiaomi to strengthen their position before that.

Comment Pebble Watch is not eink. (Score 2) 96

Pebble watch uses a Sharp Memory LCD, which is a regular trans reflective LCD with storage so it only updates the pixels that change between frames. This gets rid of the constant full-screen refresh you get from a standard LCD, which means that if you're not watching video, it uses a whole helluva lot less power. But it has the same fast response as LCD, which makes it more capable as an interactive device than eink.

It's still miles more power consumption than e-ink when nothing is happening (it requires standby power AND switching power, whereas e-ink just requires switching power), but it manages to find a happy midddle in battery power between normal backlit LCD (1-2 days battery life) and e-ink.

But that's why it costs nothing. It's LCD with memory.

Comment Re: AMD just crapped themselves (Score 2) 153

They pay for a night at a hotel and domestic airfare for maybe 100-200 people. Let's say an average airfare of $300, and the room costs $300, that puts your total schmoozing cost at 60-120k, plus the smaller cost of renting a big room for the presentation.

For that small cost, you get guaranteed coverage that will fire up social media, and even reach less interested sites like Slashdot, and it all happens SIMULTANEOUSLY from all those who attended, because they want to be first to report back from the exclusive event.

So Nvidia paper-launches a product with no actual reviews, and nobody can stop talking about it! That's a shitload more effective than a boring old press release., which may get buried.

Comment Re:Apples to Oranges (Score 1) 112

Hulu offers commercial free for just a couple bucks more than Netflix. Good if you like current shows.

For Amazon, it's really fucking easy to turn off the mixed melange of content:

1. Go to Amazon homepage.
2. Click Departments->Amazon Video->Included with Prime


You can even select by movie or tv genre, and all the results are prime!

Comment Re:Alwys said there was a gaping hole in their pla (Score 1) 98

And how do they pay for the optical line they run to your front door? Just do it for charity?

There's a reason even Google charges $300 for the "free" line install: because people rarely keep the "cheap" service plans long enough for the company to break-even.

Let's try $40 for 50 Mbit, and you're getting warmer!

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