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Comment Re:This legislation brought to you by.. (Score 1) 446

The testing period for a feeding study in the US is 90 days:


Since the genes will escape into the wild and the GMOs are targeted for consumption over a lifetime, a 90 day feeding study seems a bit short. I haven't heard of anyone getting cancer after smoking tobacco for 90 days, either.

Since non-GMO foods have been consumed over many lifetimes of consumption, their safety or lack thereof has been pretty well established.

Comment what's the point? (Score 2) 268

It looks like GNOME has long outlived its usefulness of working around Qt being under an unsuitable license way back when KDE was the de facto standard DE. With its current contributions of pouring fuel onto the fire of the init system debate and now wanting to fund a pissing match over trademarks, it looks like the project is doing more harm than good.

Comment Re:Don't bother trying Btrfs. (Score 1) 42

I set up a lab VM with SLES 12 with / on btrfs last week and enabled snapper. After several hours of downloading and installing various projects from github to try out (including lots of dependencies), it was a quick and easy cleanup to restore to the snapshot it had taken an hour before I started.

Having worked with Solaris and LiveUpgrade for a number of years, I really like the prospect of having similar functionality in Linux to enable backing out a distro upgrade.


Submission + - Microsoft bribing bloggers.

Warlock7 writes: Microsoft and AMD have generously decided to give some bloggers brand new Ferrari laptops with Ultimate VISTA and Office 2007 installed. Some are calling this bribery while Microsoft is saying that they gave them the machines with "...no expectation of any editorial payback.". Complete details are covered in the MacWorld article.
The Internet

Submission + - What We Searched for in 2006

John H. Doe writes: "Reports from the big 3 in search, what we looked for in the past year; Google includes Myspace and wiki, Yahoo of course has Britney Spears along with American Idol, and MSN had Harry Potter plus Angelina Jolie. No mention of the elections or Iraq, it would appear, cracked the top."

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