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Comment Use news.ycombinator.com (Score 1) 100

"For my graduate project, I am considering developing a web engine designed around sharing and organizing actual information in a way that people would actually like to and easily be able to use it".

It depends on the quality of the posters, you should aim for something like news.ycombinator.com

Comment Malicious code and the firewall .. (Score 2) 61

"malicious third-party modifications and Juniper's own crypto failures are responsible for the recently disclosed backdoor in Juniper NetScreen firewalls."

Given todays computing model, where clicking on a link opens up a two-way connection to a server and executes remote code on your computer, the firewall is next to useless.

Submission + - Hackers have infiltrated our power grid's control networks (lasvegassun.com)

davidwr writes: A security researcher and the Associated Press are reporting that hackers have infiltrated many of our nation's power grid networks. Exfiltrated data included engineering plans and other non-public information that could aid an attacker later as well as account credentials. Multiple companies were affected but one of the more notable ones was the energy provider Calpine.

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