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Comment Re:They shouldnt have facebook accounts (Score 1) 454

I'm assuming its not a university or a college. If thats the case you need to be 18 to have a facaebook account acording to their ToS. So, no kids should need to get to facebook.

I just looked at the ToS, you have to be at least 13, which many, if not all, 8th graders would be. This is per the Registration and Account Security section, line 5.

Comment What I did. (Score 1) 198

Waking up, thinking about all the poor bastards who have to work, rolling over and sleeping an hour or so more, looking at online deals to see if anything's good. I don't buy anything. I almost thought about a new gaming PC from Cyberpower, but I could still build it myself cheaper from Amazon thanks to Prime, and get it faster anyway, even if I'd opted to drive to Cyberpower and pick it up. Thought about a set of HD 201's, but they're still on sale anyway, and not that expensive ever.

Comment Re:256mb (Score 1) 543

I used a Dimension E520 over the summer with a P4 HT and 256MB of RAM. It did okay with Ubuntu, though it was a bit of a dog even compared to the machine that died and led to it being used, which was a Pentium D with 1GB of RAM. I dropped in the GPU from the other machine since the MB died, which made it more usable because the IGP wasn't taking up the system memory any more.

Comment Re:How else is the government supposed to make mon (Score 1) 593

Fair point, and I certainly would not be opposed to a policy like that. I'd love to be given $1000, as a college student who has almost no money, and not much in the way of job prospects in my area. I'd really probably end up using it to pay for classes/books, though I'd be severely tempted to blow it on a new PC.

Submission + - The Death of Booting Up 2

theodp writes: 'Booting up was a bear,' recalls Slate's Farhad Manjoo, 'something to be avoided at all costs.' But now, he adds, 'It's time to rejoice, because all that's in the past. Computers these days can go from completely off to working within 30 seconds, and in some cases much faster. Apple's MacBook Air loads up in 16 seconds, and machines based on Google's cloud-based Chrome OS boast boot times of under 10 seconds. Even Windows computers are fast-with the right set-up, your Windows 7 laptop can load just as quickly as a MacBook.' Perhaps at home, but how's that working out for you at work? Have reports of the death of long boot times been greatly exaggerated?

Comment Re:HP dv7 (Score 1) 207

I got a DV6, and it will hold me over for game until around January/February, while I wait for new CPUs and GPUs in order to build a gaming box. It plays TF2 just fine on my 1440 x 900 monitor, and BC2 as well, on ~medium. It's more than fast enough for anything else I want to do for the most part, even working with video. That 2GHz CPU is almost always at at least 2.4-2.5GHz, even if I run Folding@Home or other heavily threaded stuff on it.

Comment Re:Win- what? (Score 1) 393

useless and expensive Sony Vaio with built-in Vista


From personal experience, that's where the main problem probably was. Vista was pretty bad though, as well. I really like Win7, and I had some not awesome experiences with Mac OSX at my old school with 10.5, the machines were constantly hanging on stuff as simple as running a web browser and MS Word. I am strongly considering an Apple notebook as my next notebook computer, because I would like to have access to all the major OS platforms.

I don't love Apple, but I think they're okay, I don't love MS either. I'm not surprised that AAPL has gotten richer than MS, they make a pretty penny on hardware sales, and iTunes is the biggest music buying platform out there. I personally don't know anyone who doesn't use iTunes at least part of the time when they buy music.

I don't know a lot of people who still use XP at home, and I only know one person who for sure still uses Vista, simply because it's fine for him, and he doesn't care enough to upgrade for the ~$100-150 it would cost him. One of my friends is a diehard XP fan, but he finally switched to 7 when his dad got him a RAM upgrade and new GPU for christmas, and then got the family pack of Home Premium upgrades at Fry's. He wouldn't have bothered if he didn't want to use more RAM or hadn't gotten 7 essentially for free.

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