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Comment Catch 22? (Score 1) 321

By doing this, are other nations indeed not trying to attack the freedom of speech, religion, and press granted by the very founding charter of the US Government? Is that not in itself a form of agression on another countries Government? Do we then get to hear the UN say "Oh dear, I hadn't thought of that" and vanish in puff of logic?


Submission + - Successful Launch of ESA's Herschel and Plank

rgarbacz writes: "Today at 13:12 GMT ESA launched successfully new and long awaiting spacecrafts: Herschel — the 3.5m mirror infrared telescope, and Plank — the CMB mapper. The spacecrafts were carried by the Arian 5, which lifted off from Kourou in French Guiana. They will stay in L2 to perform the research. Herschel and Plank are one of the most expensive and important missions of the European Space Agency. They were built to perform measurements with an outstanding quality. Plank will measure CMB with accuracy below 1%, over 10 times better than the previous mission WMAP. Because of this high sensitivity both spacecrafts are cooled to temperatures close to the absolute zero by on board liquid helium, and staying in L2 is very helpful to maintain this state. Both spacecrafts are designed to observe the Universe at its infancy, the Herschel — the first stars (those real ones), and galaxies (whichever came first), the Plank the first photons which were set free, the so called cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB)."

Comment Once again...were done really (Score 1) 564

I just love these people who declare were almost done with things. Rutherford told the Physics community "stop training students...all we have to figure out is this electron thing and were done" (to paraphrase). Then along came Quantum Mechanics and Relitivity and suddenly there was a job to do and nearly 100 years later were still working on those two next big things. Astronomy did simillarly with cosmology ("if we can just get omega up to 1.0 then we understand it all"). Now its Computer Science's turn to be just about finished....

The point is the next big thing is not something you ever plan for. It happens. Did ARPA know their net was going to change the way we do business? No. Will something else come along and change the way we work, live, and exist? Yes, because it always does.

Now go turn your crystal balls into magic 8 balls. They are more reliable that way.

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