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Comment Bring it on! (Score 1) 157

Windows phone 8 user here. Nokia Lumia 928. I've been using it since July 2013. As a warning to all you posers, I support well over 100 phones for users including iPhones and whatever candy named crap Android flavor is out this month. I love this fucking phone. Okay, the apps are a major shortfall, like a good VoIP app, but it does everything I need and it does it well. Great battery life, remote desktop, six email accounts (Exchange, Outlook, 2 Gmail, and 2 IMAP4), iVMS, bandwidth testers, DNS resolvers, keepass, awesome camera, Local Scout, file browser, Office Lens, City Lens, Here Maps, Here Drive, SharePoint integration. The phone is always working and always responsive. I rebooted it in 2014. When I work on a customers phone, I feel sad that it doesn't "just work". iPhone 6? I support many, including my wife's. Where the fuck is the advanced settings menu? Why do the contacts sync for one but not the other account? I checked the fricken box? You can say what you like, but my 3 year old and busted is better than the new hotness I work on every week. I'm holding out for the surface, but I may have to eat shit and get a pixel. That will kill me. If you can suggest a REAL replacement for my wonderful phone, I am all ears. Please don't troll. I may need a new phone in six months.

Comment Movie Houses (Score 1) 134

If you sit in those disgusting seats and overpay to be controlled over when the movie starts and what you have to watch while waiting to see your movie, and arrive early to get a decent seat that won't put a crick in your neck, and then smell all the farts of everyone in the theatre while you eat your 10 cents worth of $4.50 popcorn, you deserve any and all bacteria that stick to your ass and come home with you. Enjoy the blinding cell phones during the movie you cattle. Netflix should take over the whole damn business so I can PAY to watch a new release at home. At least at drive-ins you had some separation from the assholes.

Comment I Love it! (Score 1) 761

Hey, don't get me wrong. I use my wired headphones/earbuds exclusively and I feel sorry for anyone that has to charge their headphones and drain their battery on their phone just to use them, but hey, someone has to make the leap into the future, and this is it! Now that Apple, the leader in innovation (cough) has done away with the headphone cables, everyone else will follow. We will soon see Bluetooth headsets that are better than even I can imagine. They will power themselves over Bluetooth soon so no charging. Once all the bugs are worked out and the competitors realize people hate wires as much as Steve Job's ghost, we will have this fantastic technology in our cars, our alarm clocks, and our intercom systems (don't you have one?). Someone has to take the leap to show people just how great it can be. I think it should be Apple. On the other hand... Why the fuck don't wireless repeaters work well with different brands? Why is upload speed so shitty when I pay $60 a month? Why does VoIP have such problems with different firewalls? Does everyone set UDP timeouts so fucking low? Why are hotels so obviously throttling bandwidth? Why can't I get a goddamn USB jack on the airplane to charge my Kindle? And why does my Kindle suck at managing shows on the SD card? WHAT THE FUCK! Well, I can say one thing. My wired headphones always work, even with that little button that answers and hangs up calls. I love it.

Comment RAID IS NOT BACKUP (Score 4, Insightful) 366

1) RAID IS NOT BACKUP unless you have another read only set.
2) STORAGE SPACES IS NOT BACKUP unless you have another read only set, and please, it is JBOD with some added features.
3) You are exchanging RAID sync issues with backup sync issues.

I would setup hardware RAID, but that is not related to what you need... Backup to two other disks. Upgrade disk size and technology as needed. A 4TB disk is like $140

Comment everyday work laptop (Score 1) 326

HP i7 16GB RAM 256 SSD Win10 Laptop
Seamonkey w/ adblock and no script
WinRAR, 7zip
truecrypt 7.1a
EMET 5.5
MS Office & Visio 2013
Virtualbox w/ pfSense and CentOS
OpenVPN, Cisco VPN, NetExtender
AD Info
Desktop is very similar but with games and a lot more storage. Desktop is a Lian Li case w/ Gigabyte MB.

Comment Re:I have altered our agreement. Pray I do not.... (Score 1) 982

Correct. The telemetry issue can be partly handled (until an update changes it).

:: Set Telemetry to Zero
reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DataCollection\ /v AllowTelemetry /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
:: Disable Telemetry Services
powershell -noprofile -command "Get-Service DiagTrack | Set-Service -StartupType Disabled"
powershell -noprofile -command "Get-Service dmwappushservice | Set-Service -StartupType Disabled"
:: Disable Web Search In Menu Search
reg add HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search\ /v BingSearchEnabled /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
:: Add Telemetry Sites to HOSTS file (too long for slashdot)

The updates can be disabled by pointing the system to a non-existent WSUS server (GPO in Pro version) which works for a system on an assembly line controlling a motor.

Running your own WSUS alleviates headaches if you want updates but not at the whim of a corporate overlord.

The average user is fully exposed to updates that can brick. I see where this originated. Millions of PCs running amok because everyone turned updates off. Massive botnets blamed squarely at Redmond. What are they to do? A corporate meeting took place and someone said "Fuck our SMB demographic. Think of grandma getting her PC hacked because she didn't have the update. If the techs want real tech, let them pay for Enterprise".
I like Windows 10. A PDF creator that does one job well. Enhanced snipping tool. Fantastic PowerShell. More customizable menus. Run's all the old crap and the new crap. Handles as many monitors as you can plug in. But forced updates are a deal breaker. I run my own WSUS and I can always select the "check for updates from Microsoft" radio button, but who knows all this stuff? And for the people who do know it, why do I have to jump over fire to get it done? You would think buying the Pro version would be enough. Do this crap to the home version and give us some fucking credit.

Comment Re:oh crap (Score 1) 500

I run my own update server, but it is almost always off. When I want updates, and after they have been tested on the masses, I check the small box that says "get updates from Microsoft." Until I manually check the box, I do not get updates. You can easily point your computer to a non-existent update server to re-create this behavior. Yes, this requires the pro version.

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