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Comment Re:You should never stop learning (Score 2) 260

The obstetrician that delivered my first child used to be an accountant; he wore rubber boots to every appointment and had very entertaining and fluffy eyebrows; He entered medical school at 45; He'll work until the day he keels over but now he really loves what he does where as bean counting was nice it wasn't his true calling. The average career change for each person in the workforce these days is somewhere between 3 and 5 and there is now so much overlap with technology that what you do today may not be what you do 10 years from now. PhD's open doors to opportunities but experience and contacts determine the rest; it's like the old saying. A good Lawyer knows the Law; a Great Lawyer knows the Judge. MS degrees are kind of a stepping stone to either a PhD or a new career path. There are also MPhill's, DPhills and Taught Doctorates (Directors of Operations often have them). That bieng said Stanford and Coursearea have free stuff; no really Machine leanring courses are free.

Comment Re:1...2...3 FUD Is Rolling In (Score 1) 229

In my high school (yes I am not a dinasaur) I took the QNX challenge; (bootable 1.44MB floppy anyone with OS and Broswer and nifty vector graphics?); Impressed the Hell out of the Computers Teacher; I later learned he was an EX IBM senior VP whom had consulted for a number of years and teaching was just what he enjoyed in his retirement. That was on "Donated" Pentium 75's from Digital with a whopping 16MB of ram. In my hometown we have a charity called "Computers for Schools" all government hardware at end of lease / lifecycle is donated. Microsoft also donates licenses; it's really up to the school to determine what to run on the hardware; that decision lies with the Board / Teachers here.

Comment What deoes it mean? (Score 1) 71

When using DES or a similar broken algorithm to secure communications you subject yourself to the the weaknesses of that algorithm. DES has been broken since the advent of the Core 2 from Intel or the FX series from AMD. Basically as Moore's Law pushes computing power ever further it also obsoletes weaker encryption algorithms. This is true for all crypto systems that are based on the use of the Discrete Logarithim Problem; It's based on the fact that it's difficult to compute large prime numbers. (ie; NP-Hard) now I'm generalizing here; 56-bit DES is a BAD idea; where possible when implmenting WPA2 use 128-bit AES (at a minimum) and use mutual 802.1x based certificates and a Full PKI for both the user and system accounts and preferably use secure tokens for their certs as well. What this means for you as a user? Well fire up wireshark / backtrack on your WiFi and submit your PCAP of a MS-CHAP handshake to find out; if it's insecure his tool will verify that notion; if it's secure his tool will tell you that you have chosen well.

Submission + - Pot Cures Cancer. (

networkconsultant writes: We have known for a while that refined oils of hemp and pot have various action on multiple forms of cancer without the harsh side effects often experienced by anti-neoplastics such as Folfox and Folfri; We have examples here:
2 Year old beats Glioma with Cannabis
Now there is yet another formal study that will prove CBD's in Cannabis are a better first line treatment for cancer than all of the patented and expensive treatments available via your hospital and health insurance.
The actual study to confirm her "Anecdotal" evidence can be found here: Cannabidiol induces programmed cell death in breast cancer cells by coordinating the cross-talk between apoptosis and autograph.
Looks like the cure was right in our rolling hands all along.
Not to tout the conspiricy aspect but these folks think that it's been longer than that: Medical Marajuna Cures Cancer

Comment Again Apples business (Score 3, Interesting) 346

1. Fabricate an Icon 2. Market Said Icon 3. Move all manufacturing of said Icon to the lowest (and therefore dirtiest place) on the planet. We don't manufacture anything in North America anymore because we have environmental regulations that cost billions of dollars to comply with; china has some regulations but it's always cheaper to bribe the party member than pay the bill. I wonder if the Chinese people know they are poising their own back yard? that's why we have said expensive regulations.

Submission + - The strange disappearance of Dancho Danchev

rudy_wayne writes: ZDNet is reporting that Zero Day blogger and malware researcher Dancho Danchev has gone missing since August of last year. Dancho, who was relentless in his pursuit of cyber-criminals, last blogged here on August 18. His personal blog has not been updated since September 11, 2010.

At ZDNet, we made multiple attempts to contact him, to no avail. Telephone numbers are going to Bulgarian language voicemails and our attempts to reach him via a snail mail address also came up empty. Just recently, a trusted member of the malware research community reached out to us to say he had received a troubling letter from Dancho on September 9, 2010, about the threat of persecution in Bulgaria.

Submission + - Extinct Mammoth: Coming to a Zoo Near You ( 1

Techmeology writes: Professor Akira Iritani of Kyoto University plans to use recent developments in cloning technology to give life to the currently extinct woolly mammoth. Although earlier efforts in the 1990s were unsuccessful due to damage caused by extreme cold, Professor Iritani believes he can use a technique pioneered by Dr Wakayama (who successfully cloned a frozen mouse) to overcome this obstacle. This technique will enable Professor Iritani to identify viable cell nuclei, and transfer them to egg cells of an African elephant which will carry the mammoth for a 600 day pregnancy.

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