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Submission + - Nintendo slashes profit forecast and 3DS price (

Daetrin writes: Nintendo has announced a large loss for the first quarter of the year and lowered its annual profit forecast. In the three months prior to June 30th Nintendo lost 25.5 billion yen ($328 million) and the forecast is being reduced about 80%, from 110 billion yen ($1.4 billion) to 20 billion yen ($257 million.) Nintendo is blaming poor sales of the 3DS and is responding by announcing a price cut from $250 to $170 on August 12. In order to mollify early adopters of the system Nintendo also announced that anyone who has logged into the Nintendo eShop before the price cut will receive 10 free NES games and 10 free GBA games. The GBA games won't be available until later in the year, but Nintendo claims they will be exclusive to the "3DS Ambassadors" and will not be available for purchase on the store in the future.

Submission + - South Korean social network hacked, China blamed (

An anonymous reader writes: Hackers broke into the hugely popular South Korean websites Nate and Cyworld earlier this week, and stole personal information about 35 million social networking users.

Names, email addresses, phone numbers and resident registration numbers of users are said to have been compromised in the attack which authorities are blaming on Chinese hackers.

Cyworld is a phenomenon in South Korea with an astonishing 35 million users — a staggering figure when you consider the the population is just 49 million people.

Comment Re:This is second place (Score 1) 1260

That's why they use BCD or some other type of decimal encoding. Spreadsheets can be a problem, though. I remember (back in the early days of PCs) trying to explain to a financial analyst that there wasn't a bug in his spreadsheet when the cross checks on his calculations where coming up with a (very small) inequality.

I would guess that they store currency in the smallest unit possible (cnets in USA pence in UK) so £100 is stored as 10000 pence and then put the decimal point in dor display purposes only. Far eaiser to do calculations with than BCD.

Comment Re:This is second place (Score 1) 1260

Have you ever seen the programming example of how binary computers are not very good at representing decimal fractions? I dont know if it is still as simple to prove but on a bbc micro you could do this (my bbc bsic is very rusty) 10 a = 0 20 for i = 0 to i = 10 30 a = a + 0.1 40 print a 50 next a and you would get something like 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1.000000001 This is because it is impossible to represent 0.1 in binary I hope banks use pence in all there calculations not pounds (cents and dollars for americans).

Comment Re:Mac vs. PC (Score 1) 453

Back when I was a kid we had these definitions: Micro computer: 8 bit computer Mini Computer: 16 bit computer Mainframe: 32 bit computer Super Computer: 64 bit computer. Nobody talked about PC apert from IBM PC (or IBM PC-compatible) which has now been shortened to PC. However wouldent the Mac adds be funny if it was Mac verses PC when PC stands for Police Constable?

Comment Re:Impossible? (Score 1) 426

And oddly, I also know a number of people who are generally right-handed, but left-handed when it comes to sports/athletics.

I guess this is something to do with them actually being more left handed than right handed and there is less preduice against left handedness in sport than in the rest of the world. How many right handed people would be left handed if the world was generally left handed?

Comment Re:Impossible? (Score 1) 426

I guess that only 10% if not 5% of people are naturally right handed as well and 80% are somewhere in between. As we live in a right handed world 90% of the people who are neither left or right handed learn to be right handed from there parents who learned to be right handed from there parents. Hopfully in 2 or 3 generations time we will have the majority of people able to use either hand.

Submission + - Save Money - Fly Standing Up ( 2

pickens writes: Fox News reports that an Italian aircraft interiors company is proposing a new semi-standing 'seating' configuration that airlines could use to create a 'basic' class to maximize passenger count and profits, while lowering ticket prices. The company, Aviointeriors, says that its SkyRider chairs could be stacked together with only 23 inches of legroom between them — compared to the 31 inch minimum now typically found in coach. Earlier this year, Michael O'Leary, the CEO of Irish budget airline Ryanair, said that he was considering adding similar seats and also considering creating a true standing room area. Ryan says that the standing room area would use handrails like those found on a train or bus. "The argument against it is that if there’s ever a crash, people will be injured," says O'Leary. "If there's ever a crash, the people in the sit-down seats will be injured, too."

Submission + - SPAM: iPhone Pay As You Go Deals

An anonymous reader writes: Pay As You Go (PAYG) iPhone deal is the best iPhone deal for those UK customers who want to use and pay only for what they have used along with mesmerizing features of iPhones.
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