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Comment Re:They need to fix their network (Score 1) 78

I connect to webex presentations all the time, the picture comes through data, but you can route the call through voice.

I google search stuff all the time if there is a question in a call... I add stuff to the grocery list while talking to my wife about it... I have my tablet connected to my wifi hotspot while I order Chinese food... I mean, constant and ubiquitous internet access is expected, why would it halt just because I am using the phone?

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 726

It doesn't take 7 billion people to feed, clothe, shelter, and entertain 7 billion people. So, now what? What is the solution to that fundamental problem caused by our technological advancements and medically enhanced longevity?

Do the people who are unnecessary to societal function deserve a death sentence? Deserve to be tortured to death? Live on the brink of starvation? Live in constant medical/dental/emotional pain?

The real problem with people not "deserving" a living wage is that people are real, actual living humans, and most people do not want to live in a society which treats human beings as disposable.

Comment Industry Shift to the cloud model or agile... (Score 1) 587

I have worked for giant global conglomerates and small startups, and I can tell you in my experience, that 11+ hour time difference matters. As we work as an industry to get away from 6 month release cycles to 1 week sprints or whatever you want to label "continuous delivery" that 9-13 hour time difference between US markets and "outsource" markets starts to really hurt.

Back when there was a 6 month release cycle, you could lose 1 day to communication lag and it would be no big deal... now that amounts to losing 20% of your dev time.

Modern software is expected to add features or fix bugs quickly (days not weeks). In my experience Javascript developers and fickle customers will all quit if you don't rewrite your front-end every 6 weeks (hopefully we are at peak javascript right now, but who knows, maybe once every javascript developer has had a chance to figure out that React/Angular/Bootstrap/Knockout all suck, they will stop seeing the grass is greener on the other side and just pick something). You can't do any of that with a time and culture gap.

The culture gap is significant too. Everybody in the US sees some of the same ads, some of the same "viral" apps, memes, etc. They share the same slang and vocabulary, that kind of stuff is important in software development, and it can't be exported, no matter how hard we try. When you have ONE developer that can talk to your sales/marketing/client relations teams, your product quality goes way up... when you have a whole team of them, you can knock it out of the park. When you have to hire 5 Business Analysts just to write documents that will always be wrong, in order to get any work out of your geographically diverse team, you lose that magic.

Comment Re:You mean Trump's webmaster (Score 1) 813

This is why Trump is winning.

What is he winning? Are you talking about his projected sweep of just 36% of the electoral vote?

Or are you talking about the projected loss of the Senate majority? I guess it is a "Win" if he gets petty revenge on his own party while crashing and burning in a presidential landslide.

Comment Re:Encryption is for criminals (Score 5, Insightful) 198

Encryptions is for criminals. Ordinary people don't need military grade encryption to protect themselves. It's primarily used to hide illicit activities from the police and serves no legitimate purpose.

so true! illicit behavior like logging in to my toddler's Disney Junior account, or transferring money between my bank account and the electric company.

Comment Re:No - he broke the law (Score 1) 375

There is a big difference between enslaved people and a data-tech working for $200,000 a year, who has signed non-disclosures, and has maintained high clearance classification.

I don't care what your stance on Snowden is, but he was not an enslaved person running from his oppressive captors.

Comment Re:40 years in a box (Score 1) 289

Mars and titan have atmosphere and water. That makes them vastly more ideal for colonization than the moon. The moon is close, and has some He3 but all fuel, propellant, and nitrogen needed for, well everything would need to make the round trip from Earth. A real attempt would need to have at least SOME resources come from the place being colonized.

Comment Re: Apple's suicide (Score 1) 495

so the solution is to use the one USB port to connect a hub, then you connect your audio dongle and your ethernet dongle, then use your displayport dongle to connect to the projector, which is of course HDMI.

So majestic, a ball of wires connected to a unibody! Of course your battery will last all day! So no need to plug it in! such convenience.

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