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Comment Att capped bandwidth, and then lost customers, duh (Score 2) 104

The only reason I am off AT&T and on Time Warner is because AT&T capped their services as leverage to try to force you to subscribe to Direct TV or Uverse TV. (unlimited internet access if you subscribe to TV).

I didn't want to pay 30 dollars a month for an extra service that I won't use, so ironically I had to call up the TV provider, and subscribe to their internet only plan, for cheaper than AT&T.

They tried forcing their customers to pay for their dumb mistake of acquiring Direct TV, and it didn't work.

Comment I work in Dallas, Airline software is cancer. (Score 0) 145

Working as a developer in Dallas, TX... Every team I have ever been on has contained at least one bass-ackward programmer who "used to work at southwest" and liked to poison our source control with garbage. "The Southwest way!"

Every time I have been looking for a job, 3 or 4 recruitroaches would call me daily about 3 month contracts with Southwest!!! great place to work!!!!111!!!.

you know you only get the primo talent when you are only willing to budget for 3 months of work at a time.

I used to work with a guy who claims to have written part of their wildly complex "fare forecasting" software, you could probably imagine how shitty his code was to work with.
He's the kind of asshole who would do a bit shift in a SQL statement instead of multiplying by 2 because it was faster that way on 1950s hardware.

Comment The point is, every consumer pays (Score 1) 394

Every person who buys an iPhone with no headphone jack will end up paying an extra amount of money for some shitty dongle or even shittier iPhone Beats by Dr Drm.

Consumers will be the losers in a war with no win condition. As many people have mentioned, it will simply be ripped after the port instead of at the port. Meaning all of this industry re-tooling will do nothing against imaginary pirates, and plenty of measurable harm for poor sods who pay for the things they want to license.

Comment Re:So that's what it does? (Score 2) 55

I always found it odd when accessing network shares between users with the same name and password that it never prompted me for one.

It was a great workaround back before active directory. If you didn't have access to a share, just figure out the owner's username (pre-populated on their lock screen), and create a new local user on your machine with the same username, connect to the share as that user, done.

Comment Credit cards - That's Visa's problem. (Score 1) 385

I don't work particularly hard to keep my card secure. I mean, I don't post photos of it on instagram or anything, but I don't need to go all cloak and dagger either.
I keep my credit card secure by not linking it to my bank account, and by checking it often for fraudulent charges.

If Sony or Target leak my credit card(both of which happened) I get a new one.

If someone gets a hold of it and charges 500 dollars at Walmart in Alabama (which happened, after a breech) then I tell the credit card company and they take care of it. And send me a new card at their expense.

Now if I fell into some kind of trick, like setting up auto-pay, so that it is actually my problem when someone else breeches my info, well that would just be silly,

Visa is a vast profit center built around making it easy to spend money. They are fully aware of how to make cards more secure, they don't want to, so neither do I.

Comment Re:Netflix has a unique and obvious strategy. (Score 1) 193

Well, I was only really talking about original content. Their licensed selection is stellar for children, and just all right for grown-ups, but yeah you have probably seen everything worth watching already, Same with any streaming provider... or TV provider in general.

I subscribe to Hulu, HBONow, netflix, and amazon prime, and I can tell you that even with HBO's general "We only have real movies" policy (as opposed to amazon and netflix, which have tons of B movies) there is never anything to watch on HBO besides original, just like any other streaming service.

Comment Netflix has a unique and obvious strategy. (Score 5, Interesting) 193

Netflix is the first media company with the business model of "Give the customers exactly what they want."

It is very refreshing. They are in the business of TV wish fulfillment, and nobody has ever done that before. Since the dawn of television, content owners and broadcasters have been in the business of telling customers what to watch. Netflix seems to make the shows that I want, exactly how I want them, it's so unusual that it almost feels like a trick.

I pay $144/year (because I have a big family and we pay a higher rate for more simultaneous streaming licenses), but it is a bargain. Just for the Marvel Series' alone I would have paid that much for DVDs.

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