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Comment 2 screens really? (Score 2) 205

Ok, I get is technically 2 screens, but I just think that is the stupidest marketing idea ever. When you say 2 screens, I want 2 screens that are relatively the same size as each other, not one, and some sliver that can only display 4-5 icons stuck up above it. I'd be okay if they called it something else like notification bar or something, but don't call it a second screen.

Comment Re:Finally Ford see the future. (Score 1) 432

Current ford v8's already do not pass most of the emissions standards, but are legal to sell because Ford as a manufacturer has certain limit they can go on various areas, so they still have a small number of them. Going forward the new limits specifically say how much soot and other various chemicals are allowed, and the v8's can not pass. The only thing I can think of is if they did something similar to the diesel engines where they have a particulate filter that gets burned out on a regular basis, but I don't see that make sense for cars.

Comment Finally Ford see the future. (Score 5, Insightful) 432

I've alway been a fan of ford, but they have been dragging ass for a long time, only just barely innovating for the last few years. I'm glad they finally realize that they are going to need to really start pulling more into electric and hybrids. I think the biggest thing pushing them is actually emissions. From my understanding it's impossible for a big V8 to pass the new emissions regulations that will be even more stringent next few years.

Comment Very wasteful idea (Score 1) 94

This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of, if the wanted to set up mobile warehouses they could very very easily do it with maybe custom 40ft ISO shipping containers. Lets use their example of a sporting event, there are already mobile trailers setup outside of stadiums at every game selling shirts, you could sell alot of shirts out of a 40ft iso box. They could also make their own custom 53ft trailers, they can be setup like mini stores, with steps one side or more, and even an area could be made as a stock room. The systems are already in place to move them, and plus they could be restocked much more quickly and easily than a freaking blimp, once they are empty just move them back to the ware house and load them up.

Comment Re:This is a great idea (Score 1) 97

There is a difference between owning a truck and trailer and running under someone else's authority, and running under your own. Getting a truck is easy, its all the licensing and other regulations that are too much, I own a small trucking firm with 25 trucks, there are 5 million things that I do that drivers and owner operators have no idea need to be done. Moving the freight is the easy part, it's making sure you are in line with all the regulations is the hard part.

Comment Re:So...free or less than 15%? (Score 3, Insightful) 97

Basically Amazon is going to put up a load board, similar to truckstop.com or many other similar sites. Trucking is pretty much as streamlined as it's going to get, in reality they want to get people to move their freight as cheap as possible, and if they can get some kind of a commission on other freight by being the broker then it's a win for them. Right now Amazon is pretty much going to expand into everything possible because they need to keep expanding, so they will be experimenting with various industries, I wouldn't be surprised if they started selling their own branded TV's, laptops, refrigerators, washers, dryers, or pretty much anything you have in the house soon.

Comment Re:Savings (Score 2) 97

What do you mean when the driver work force starts shrinking, it has been shrinking for at least 5 years now. It is one of the few industries where you'll get hired almost on the spot as long as you can pass a drug test. The problem, is that it is seen as a low class job, so few people go into it, even though it is better paying than alot of industries.

Comment Re: You will always be a foreigner (Score 4, Informative) 219

That has always amazed me about other countries, I was born in Poland, but have grown up in the US from a very young age. When ever I go back to Poland, I only get treated by people I know closely like a local, but I consider myself an american. When every I go anywhere touristy I most people speak english to me before I've ever said a word. In the US after a few years you can become a citizen, in many other countries it takes generations, in the US everyone comes from somewhere else originally so it doesn't matter where you were from as long as you want to be and are a citizen now, I guess.

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