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Comment Re:Cause (Score 1) 97

Yes but 14 accidents per 2 million miles is basically nothing. If you take truck stats, which is all I could find I could find because it's a nation wide stat, in 2012 there were 77000 crashes with injuries, on 268,000,000 miles, of those 3802 were fatal crashes.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 2) 82

Doesn't this embarrass you, America? Don't you feel ashamed that this is what you've become?.

So seriously live in another country for a while, or just try dealing with stuff in somewhere in Europe or Africa, then tell me how shitty it is in the USA. I was born in poland and I go back every year, dealing with anyone on any level of the government there makes me want to pull my hair out. People bitch about the DMV or IRS in the US, but they are awesome compared to most of the things I've had to deal with in Poland, you almost need a lawyer to come with you just so you can get an ID card, the bureaucracy is horrible.

Comment Re:5 is only one generation from current 5X (Score 1) 164

... especially when they've released 3 different phones since then ...

Its generations not phones that matter. The direct successors to the 5 are the 5X and 6 and the 5X is still a current model. So the 5 is only one generation removed from the current model and has the same screen, same amount of RAM, and only a slightly slower CPU/GPU which is still vastly overpowered for what millions of Android uses typically do.

No your are wrong, after the 5 came the 6, that was the next generation, then the year after they release the 5x & 6p at the same time so that will be the second generation. When they release the updated OS this year they are supposed to release 2 new phones again so that will be the 3rd generation. If each phone was manufactured by the same company I would agree with you on the generation thing, but since they pick a new maker every year, the generation thing really doesn't come into play.

Comment Re:Google's management quality is degrading rapidl (Score 1) 164

That is googles right, they are a for profit company, and does anyone realistically expect them to support a phone forever, especially when they've released 3 different phones since then. Besides they aren't forcing a damn thing, if you like your old phone with the software already on it then keep your old phone. If you want the new OS then get a new phone. What were you expecting, for google to give you updates until the the end of time?

Comment Re:I can see this as an environmental disaster (Score 4, Interesting) 460

I have a fleet of 20 semi-truck, and I keep an old tanker in my yard, I call various fuel companies and they will come and fill my tanker with 3000 gallons, no problem. I've been getting fuel this way for over 10 years now, so I don't see this as much different, as long as they guy making the delivery is trained properly then there shouldn't be an issue. Yes I've had stuff happen, like one time when they were filling his hose decided to pop and spilled maybe 20-30 gallons of fuel before he could shut the pump off, they carry enough pads and blocker bags to clean up small messes, or hold back a big mess long enough for someone to come and clean it up properly.

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