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Comment Re:I can see this as an environmental disaster (Score 4, Interesting) 460

I have a fleet of 20 semi-truck, and I keep an old tanker in my yard, I call various fuel companies and they will come and fill my tanker with 3000 gallons, no problem. I've been getting fuel this way for over 10 years now, so I don't see this as much different, as long as they guy making the delivery is trained properly then there shouldn't be an issue. Yes I've had stuff happen, like one time when they were filling his hose decided to pop and spilled maybe 20-30 gallons of fuel before he could shut the pump off, they carry enough pads and blocker bags to clean up small messes, or hold back a big mess long enough for someone to come and clean it up properly.

Comment Re:question (Score 1) 75

Oyua, enough said. The king of gaming PC's has always been Microsoft because windows works better with vast amount of various hardware out there. One could make the argument that more people play games on their phones and tablets now than on PCs, which is probably true, but most people still see the guy sitting playing on his PC or console when they hear the word GAMER.

Comment Re:Do we really need 4k TV? (Score 1) 56

There is and there isn't, it all depends on the source, if your watching cable tv, then not really, if your on a blue ray, or even netflix, then the 4k looks better. I had a 50 in Phillips 1080 tv for many years and it was fine, but when I finally upgraded to a 4k, I do notice a difference, especially when i switch to a channel that is broadcasting on like 720 or something, the lower rez looks like crap.

Comment Re:Is that legal? (Score 1) 339

Yes you can, this type of situation is not praised on a regular basis, it does happen all the time. Usually it is just some drunk unruly guy gets kicked out of a bar, no one cares about that. If you do something at a store, and they deam it inappropriate and you get banned from the premises, then it's really not that different.

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