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Submission + - Windows 7 (beta) Nearly Identical To Windows Vista (

negRo_slim writes: "So where does this leave us? For starters, we can now say with some certainty that the Windows 7 build I tested is just a repackaging of Windows Vista. Key processes look and work much like they do under Vista, and preliminary benchmark testing shows that Windows 7 performs right on a par with its predecessor. Frankly, Windows 7 is Vista, at least under the hood; if nothing else, this should translate into excellent backward compatibility with Vista-certified applications and drivers"

Submission + - Small Basic Teaches Children How to Program (

negRo_slim writes: "BASIC has undergone many changes since its inception 40 years ago and while its growth has made it more powerful and capable, it has also become almost overwhelming for a beginner. Even though Small Basic is primarily aimed at children, it just may be the ideal way for anyone interested in programming to dip their feet in the water."

Submission + - Finding Your Own Top100

negRo_slim writes: "I am a Slashdot regular and I've posted and lurked for many years. I'm now out of my mid 20's and I've noticed to one degree or another Slashdot users seem to share a common thread. And on that note I would love to know how other Slashdot users find new media to consume. When it comes to music, I myself try and stick with reputable labels (Epitaph/Hellcat, SideOneDummy, etc.) and check international charts. But I'm wondering how others have learned to find independent media outside of traditional outlets who seem to only offer the same insipid drivel recycled year after year."

Submission + - FCC Order scolds Comcast for changing story on P2P (

negRo_slim writes: "Comcast has 30 days to disclose the details of its "unreasonable network management practices" to the Federal Communications Commission, the agency warned Wednesday morning as it released its full, 67-page Order. As FCC Chair Kevin Martin said it would, the Commission's Order rejects the ISP giant's insistence that its handling of peer-to-peer applications was necessary. "We conclude that the company's discriminatory and arbitrary practice unduly squelches the dynamic benefits of an open and accessible Internet," the agency declares."

Submission + - AMD Fusion Details Leaked (

negRo_slim writes: "AMD pushed Fusion as one of the main reasons to justify its acquisition of ATI. Since then, AMD's finances have changed colors and are now deep in the red, the top management has changed, and Fusion still isn't anything AMD wants to discuss in detail. But there are always "industry sources" and these sources have told us that Fusion is likely to be introduced as a half-node chip."

Submission + - Three Services, Three Stores: Analyzing XBLA, PSN (

negRo_slim writes: "In short, there has been a slowdown in the number of games digitally distributed games published on each system's service, and therefore a slowdown for the medium as a whole. Below we'll break out the figures on each console to show how things have changed in the past 18 months and point out the indicators of what things may be like for the next 12."
The Internet

Submission + - Internet Tops 172 Million Websites (

negRo_slim writes: "Apache servers dropped once again below the 50% mark (49.12%); Apache is now estimated to be installed on 84.7 million webservers. Microsoft IIS stands at 61.0 million and a share of 35.59%, followed by Google, which is estimated at 10.5 million servers and a share of 6.07%."

Submission + - Yahoo Wants You To Build Your Own Search Service (

negRo_slim writes: ""As anyone who follows the search industry knows, the barriers to successfully building a high quality, Web-scale search engine are incredibly high," Yahoo says. "Doing so requires hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in engineering, sciences, and core infrastructure — from crawling and indexing technology to relevancy and machine learning algorithms, to stuff as mundane as data centers, servers, and power. Because competing successfully in Web search requires an investment of this scale, new players have effectively been prohibited from delivering credible alternatives to Yahoo and Google. We believe the BOSS platform will begin to change that.""

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