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Comment gotta decide what makes you happy (Score 1) 397

after working my old job for 6 years, waking up every morning saying "i don't want to go to work", I finally completely changed industries and got a new job this year. It was 100% the right decision. But, I gave up working at home, hanging out with my dog all day, and about 10% of my pay. Still, I only have a 10 minute bike ride to work (or 30 minute walk), I can wear shorts in the summer, and I'm more or less my own boss. I've been here for the better part of a year now and I still enjoy every day. It's all about deciding what makes you happy.

Comment I just did this too, this month (Score 1) 504

I graduated with a mechanical engineering degree and got into an industry that I didn't particularly care for out of college. I sat at a computer working in 2d autocad all day. It was supposed to just be a pay check while i searched for my dream job and ended up lasting 6 years. Long story short, through my entire year long search for a "dream job", every company I interviewed with said they didn't care about degrees, they just wanted someone with experience. When I interviewed for programming positions, they just wanted a strong portfolio. When i got tired of interviewing for programming positions for over a year and not even getting one offer, I changed my search to linux system administration and found a job within a month. I got a junior position and my boss said he didn't really mind that I am lacking in the more technical aspects of networking and such. I think it mostly came down to me presenting myself in a professional manner at my interview, having general corporate experience, being organized, and generally not being an idiot. Apparently the only other person they interviewed didn't even come in, it was over skype and the girl didn't even dress up. And there were about 30 other resumes, some of them were University of Phoenix grads. My boss just laughed at them. so, tl;dr: as long as you know your stuff, it doesn't matter what your degree is in.

Submission + - AMD releases the Radeon HD 6790 (

neersign writes: Aimed at the mid-to-upper range gaming segment, the 6790 offers full HD (1080p) gaming at only $149. It is aimed to sit between the 6850 and the 5770/6770 (OEM) while competing directly with the Nvidia Geforce GTx 550 Ti. Even though AMD's reference board has two 6-plug power inputs, a few of their partners are releasing them with only one. All the usual suspects have reviews out with benchmarks: BenchmarkReviews, bit-tech, TweakTown (by Sapphire), Tom's Hardware, HardwareSecrets, and Overclockers.

Submission + - AMD's New Flagship HD 6990 Tested (

I.M.O.G. writes: "Today AMD officially introduces their newest flagship GPU, the Radeon HD 6990. Targeted to counter Nvidia's current generation flagship GTX580, for AMD this is a followup to their previous generation 2xGPU on a single PCB design, the Radeon HD 5970. It represents the strongest entry AMD will release within their 6000 series graphics lineup. Initial testing and overclocking results are publishing at first tier review sites now. As eloquently stated by Tweaktown's Anthony Garreffa, the 6990 "punches all other GPU's in the nuts.""

AMD's New Flagship HD 6970 Tested 152

I.M.O.G. writes "Today AMD officially introduces their newest flagship GPU, the Radeon HD 6970, hot on the heels of the Radeon HD 6870 released at the end of October, then the NVIDIA GTX 580 in early November, which is Nvidia's current flagship card. Initial testing and overclocking results are publishing at first tier review sites now. While the HD 6970 is a strong performer and the price point is outstanding for consumers, the GTX 580 retains the flagship crown while the AMD 5970 keeps the single card performance crown with its dual GPUs on a single card."

Submission + - Futuremark Releases 3DMark11 (

neersign writes: Futuremark just announced the release of a new version of their flagship benchmarking app, 3DMark. It received the moniker 3DMark11 mostly for it's reliance on DirectX11, but it is being released curiously close to the year 2011, too.

Submission + - ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme Review (

hokiealumnus writes: A review of ASUS' premier AMD motherboard, the Crosshair IV Extreme, complete with sub-zero testing! It worked very well with standard air cooling but in its element, with dry ice cooling it managed to push a Phenom II x6 1090T to an impressive 5.5 GHz. If you are an extreme overclocker that wants to bench AMD and has the cash to throw down, do not hesitate for one minute. You will not be disappointed.

Submission + - Thermalright Announces Archon Heatsink (

mdcomp writes: Today, Thermalright announced the Archon heatsink, a new tower CPU cooler. The cooler is thinner than standard tower heatsinks, which Thermalright claims will eliminate compatibility issues with large memory heatspreaders. Boasting compatibility with Intel’s 1156 and 1366 sockets, the Archon also comes with the same AMD bracket system as the Venomous X. Also included is a 140mm TY-140 fan, but users can mount their own 120 or 140mm fan.

Submission + - AMD Radeon 6000 Series, Llano, Set to Debut (

neersign writes: O ATI, ATI, wherefore art thou ATI? A cheap Shakespearean knock-off reference doesn’t really do justice to the way AMD has positioned itself currently with the pending Radeon 6000 series release along with its line of ”Llano” APUs But then, I’m not really much of a writer, and this ain’t no renaissance. AMD has closed the book on its successful history with ATI branding by recently folding ATI into the AMD name as one in the same. In doing so, the dramatic timing and importance of this shift is AMD making a statement that should not go discounted. They are saying AMD is bold. AMD is confident. AMD is ready to ring in a new era, changing the landscape upon which the game is played.

Submission + - A Visual History Chart Graphics Cards (

mdcomp writes: When I was little I had a fast 3D card...Or I didn't? Wait wait wait...when I bought my first VooDoo, just when it appeared on the market, it was 1995...or 1996...or was it even 1997? Well, enough googling for dates and other info, all you need to do is look at the chart!

Slackware 13.1 Released 155

Several readers made sure we are aware that Slackware 13.1 release is out. Here's the list of mirrors. "Slackware 13.1 brings many updates and enhancements, among which you'll find two of the most advanced desktop environments available today: Xfce 4.6.1, a fast and lightweight but visually appealing and easy-to-use desktop environment, and KDE 4.4.3, a recent stable release of the new 4.4.x series of the award-winning KDE desktop environment."

Comment Re:Ya this was a horrible test (Score 1) 849

i agree the test should be "which sounds correct", not "better". They should also test and record with a mic first to prove that what the subjects are hearing is in fact different. If you play two mp3 tracks and people say "none sound like the original", then you know people can detect the loss due to compression. Which is also an argument for buying better equipment to play audio on. In theory, the more expensive the audio equipment, the more accurate the reproduced audio should be, just like FLAC should be able to reproduce the original audio better than mp3 at any bitrate. Which is why it's important to listen to the audio equipment in the store first, to make sure you are spending your money in a way that goes with your listening preference.

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