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Comment Re:Use Blender? (Score 4, Informative) 211

Yes, Blender. It is cross platform and on an adequate platform (multicore CPU, certain GPUs) it could possibly do what is wanted. It can also be extended using Python plug-ins, so it could be further developed if necessary. Blender can also use render farm technology so it can probably scale to meet any reasonably large job, its limitation being only the number of computers you can afford to use.

Since the person(s) inquiring about this had not mentioned Blender, I can only assume that they are either too lazy or too lacking in basic Google skills to do any work themselves. Learning to use enough of Blender's interface to manage its video editing tools is not something one can do in a weekend. Learning enough Python to create any necessary plug-ins is also non-trivial. The inquirers seem to want someone to make a one-button application to do what they want. I think they have a basic misunderstanding of what Free Open Source Software is all about.

Comment Re:Chrome is smarter than that. (Score 1) 144

You do not trust Microsoft? What OS do you use? You do not trust Google? What search engine do you use?

"Trust", in the way it is used in security, means that you have a certain expectation towards a certain resource and you are willing to believe it to perform a specific service with specific license provided by you. In a less abstract way, you use Google as a search engine and you trust it to provide you with reasonably matching results to the search terms you enter, and you also trust it not to deliberately present you with links that are supposed to hijack your browser, install malware onto your machine and/or trick you into doing so.

The trust the GP is talking about towards Adobe included their willingness to provide him with a PDF reader along with his ability to disable any tacked-on bloatware during the installation. The reason for his trust was prior experience and that it worked that way until now. The breach of his trust is constituted by Adobe not continuing this established procedure.

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