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Journal Journal: /. Friends 2

Slashdot went through its Slash upgrade awhile ago, but I never bothered to check out any of the new preferences or the whole Friends/Fans/Foes/Freaks thing. I haven't checked out the Journal or Messages part either (until now).

I think I've been reading Slashdot since early 2000... it may have been in late 1999, but I don't remember. Does anyone know if Slashdot keeps track of user registration dates?

Anyway, so this is my little Slashdot project with the whole friends thing. It all started out with SlashChick. I think it was her who had the .sig of If you like what I'm saying, add me as a friend... It was something like that. I added her anyway. She was the first person I added. She doesn't even know who I am :)

Anyway, I noticed these strange pills. I started clicking on them. They were friends of friends (SlashChick, in this case). So I added them anyway as friends. And now whenever I see a green-green pill, I go ahead and add that person.

Then came NineNine and there were plenty of Friends on his list! And it keeps going :)

I guess it comes back to the six-degree theory. I wonder how many fellow Slashdotters I can blindly add.

Too bad I can't get the Anonymous Coward. That guy seems to say some funny stuff ;)

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