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Journal Journal: Another Geologic age passes.

"I never exaggerate." --Sharon Staum Now another geologic age has passed w/o comment, several species have gone extinct, another half doezen emerged, and still I write not to my /. journal. Is it meaningful? The Journal? No, just drivel. My absence from writing? No, just RL intruding on things that are actually important. Another of the Teeming Millions that wants community but does nothing to create it. Wonder what that'd make me in past eras? With gratitude for your taking the time to read this, and best wishes for your RL.
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Journal Journal: Random amazement.

Revisiting my settings and surprised I've ignored this journal for so long. Tres unfortunate. (Mr. Foley's expression, revisited.)

Nothing profound beyond this pale observation, I've returned my preferences to enable moderation, it's time to give something back to /.

Hope 08 is treating you well, thanks for reading.

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Journal Journal: On submitting to /.

While watching F1 quals, I submitted an article to /., my 3rd of 4th attempt.

I wonder how many submissions there are for each post. What do you think?

OH well, this quals show on Speed is a rerun, and I'm thinkin' dark thoughts on my success in getting posted to slashdot.

Thanks for reading.

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Journal Journal: To comment or not to comment, that is the question

I commented today on the Spielberg/Cruise War of the Worlds Remake thread.

I preveiwed and edited at least 10 times, each time making the post SHORTER. I switched to HTML so as to make it easier to read. I was knowingly Off Topic (hence the "OT:" in the subject) and I will suffer for it, but I just got SICK of reading people's remarks on the "sophistication" of modern media audiences.

No one woudl EVER fall for the WotW trick would they?

I realized in my posting that I did the thing I hate the most about /., not reading the to the end of the current posts. Oh well, perhaps my personal story will add value due to uniqueness.

Oh yeah, I'm an individual. (See "Life of Brian" when Brian addresses his "followers.")

So now I wait for the rain of cats from the masses of /.ers who will clearly remark that I am the Biggest. Idiot. Ever.

Well, hmm, that might be a distinction I could print on a Tshirt and wear proudly. Enough already, Thanks for reading.

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Journal Journal: Car Hacking


I've never had a new car before. The last 22 have all been old. Not "older", I mean OLD. And the fun thing about that was freedom to hack. The downside is hacking under-the-gun.

I think we need a /. for the car hackers. And not the idiots who glue on whale-tails (shitty ones at that) and call themselves boy racers. I mean people who look at a car's shortcomings and hack cool solutions.


Turning AND backup side-lights. (White lights on the front corner to light up at a forward-angle when turning, a backward-angle when reversing. Both sides light in reverse, btw.)

LED tail lights. Sure, the plug-and-play kind, as they pose some simple problems, but I also mean cutting them open and FILLING the suckers with LED's yourself. Personally, I'm becoming more enamored of 100w tail lights every day...

Stereos: but not the unlimited budget way. The brainiac way... (Example: I had a car with no cupholders, but 3 DIN-mounts for all the old stereo parts. Guess what? The 90-96 Ford Taurus had DIN mount cupholders!!! Presto: brainiac solution to a serious shortcoming.)

Lighting, interior. My back seat is so dark now you could hide a mass-murderer and the camera crew following him around. Would cold-cathode lights from PC-modding work?

Marker and side-lights. I've drilled into the front fenders to mount these before, but not on a car with a rust-through warranty. What to do? The Porsche trick:Put 'em in the front fenderwell?

See? There are a million of them. Every one would make a lawyer cringe and an SAE member bit their lips.

Cartalk can't be searched well at all. Car-specific sites are interesting, but wildly uneven. (boy-toy: Blue washer LEDS=cool. Old Farts: Mercedes coolant lasts longer. Cleetus' Cousins: Cow Magnets save $$$.)

I mean c'mon friends. So help me out here, ok?

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