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Submission + - AppleTV Hacked?

jspayne writes: "It appears some hackers were able to mount the hard drive of an AppleTV and install an Xvid codec. If this is true, it opens up some exciting new possibilities for a product that has gotten some criticism from the high tech crowd."

Submission + - Cloaking Device Breakthrough?

An anonymous reader writes: For the first time, physicists have devised a way to make visible light travel in the opposite direction that it normally bends when passing from one material to another, like from air through water or glass, ScienceDaily reports. The phenomenon is known as negative refraction and could in principle be used to construct optical microscopes for imaging things as small as molecules, and even to create cloaking devices for rendering objects invisible.

Submission + - OS X 10.4.9

mjdupuis writes: "Has anyone else experienced compatibility issues with the recent OS X update (10.4.9) and Pro Tools. After updating my Mac Pro 3Ghz to 10.4.9 Pro Tools would no longer open, but only bounce in the dock a couple of times. I uninstalled and reinstalled the application a few times before finally calling Digidesigns. Turns out there's a big issue there. The 10.4.9 Combo must be installed (it's over 300mb for Intel Macs), for Pro Tools to work. Why must the combo be installed? Why doesn't it work when updated from 10.4.8? Has anyone else experienced this, because Digidesigns had a recording on the line leading me to believe this has been a widespread thing"

White House Specifies And Mandates Secure Windows 242

twitter writes "The Register is reporting on an effort to bring order to the wild world of Windows patching, at least in the US Federal Government. The White House has issued a directive to federal CIOs throughout the country, issuing a call for all new PCs to use a 'common secure configuration.' 'Registry settings and which services would be turned on or off by default [are specified and] the directive calls for suppliers (integrators and software vendors) to certify that the products they supply operate effectively using these more secure configurations. "No Vista application will be able to be sold to federal agencies if the application does not run on the secure version of Vista," explained Alan Paller, director of research at The SANS Institute.'"

Seamonkey 1.1 Released 143

stuuf writes "Version 1.1 of the Seamonkey Internet Application Suite is now available, with quite a few improvements over the 1.0 series. Some of the new features include spell checking in form text areas, a new tagging system to classify email, a better indicator for secure web sites and preview images for browser tabs. This release also includes many of the updates that have gone into the Firefox 2 and Thunderbird 2 branches. Check out the release notes and download page for more."

Submission + - Are xbox 360 sales a potential indicator?

guysmilee writes: Are XBOX 360 sales a potential indicator of people not wanting to buy new pc's?

With all the news of XBOX winning the next generation console wars I can't help but wonder if this is because microsoft home pc's users no longer want to upgrade there home pc to play games?

Especially if many 1st time console buyers are being attracted to the 360 (link here). I really think things are starting to look like windows vista may not have a great start this year in early sales.

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