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Submission + - Dice Holdings buys Slashdot and other Geeknet websites for $20M (yahoo.com) 3

Angostura writes: Dice Holdings Inc. said Tuesday that it acquired Geeknet Inc.'s online media business, including its Slashdot and SourceForge websites, for $20 million in cash.
The New York-based careers website company said the acquisition of the technology websites is part of its strategy of providing content and services geared toward technology professionals.

Comment Re:of course he got booted (Score 1) 826

I didn't state that there was a serious crime.

Although, I did jump to potential conclusions that there may be more than one way to look at it. One might say that there is a fallacy of division on my part because I am assuming (which goes against the grain here) that the pilot is rational and therefore he may have made a rational decision as a whole. I then hypothesize that the decision being rational must have been made up of parts that are could be rational in whole or part, but in reality that may not be the case.

To the comment "I am sure you will find some wya to justify actions against the brown guy", I do not think this is a race issue. After what has happened in Milwaukee and Aurora, masked men, women, or children carrying, pellet guns, squirt guns, or weapons into crowded places of worship or entertainment warrants removal regardless if they are green, orange, blue, pink, white, brown, or black. Society has norms that underlie the fabric by which we conduct ourselves. Going against these customary norms then results in grief (physical or mental) for the parties involved. It may not lead to assault, battery, etc., but the expectation of hardship for going against the norm exists and should be expected.

Comment of course he got booted (Score 2, Insightful) 826

I'm going to say that most people 45+ don't know what ZOMG means. Therefore, seeing something that says "Gonna Kill US All ZOMG" would be a bit unnerving. Even though it is security theater, society has norms that state when people deem to be right and wrong. Wearing a shirt that has that message is wrong because it breaks those societal courtesies. Putting someone's grandma in a state of unease for something that is already not exactly the most fun doesn't sit well in my book.

I applaud the pilot. It is his job to get the plane safely in the air and back to the ground. He probably saw it for what it was, but decided he didn't want one the passengers beating the shit out of this guy mid-air because they felt threatened. Bruce Schneier has pointed out numerous times that the acts against the World Trade Center have empowered the average citizen to stand up and fight if they closely felt threatened. That could have been the case and may have saved the student further grief.

Comment Re:More reasont to give up hope on a good dumb pho (Score 1) 247

I had this phone. It was called the LG enV3. It was awesome for everything you described, except the keyboard didn't slide out it folded out. The battery would readily last 3-4 days. It had good calendar features, chargeable by micro-USB, Bluetooth, etc. This thing was easily made 3 years ago.

Now, I have an iPhone and I am not looking back. Being able to VPN back into work and run SSH from my phone is like magic. It is called progress, brother!

Submission + - Alcohol, Not Marijuana, A Gateway Drug (isciencetimes.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: While it may not settle the debate over how drug use begins, researchers found that alcohol, not marijuana, is the gateway drug that leads teens down the path of hard drug use, according to a new study that will be published in the August edition of the Journal of School Health

Submission + - DirectTV Drops Viacom Channels (examiner.com)

An anonymous reader writes: DirectTV has dropped all of Viacom's channels. This includes channels such as MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon. The drop is reported to be over a carrier fee dispute. It appears programming content can magically disappear from satellite too and not just from streaming services. I guess pirating and physical media is the only way to make sure the content we pay for doesn't disappear.

Submission + - Ray Bradbury Died (cnn.com)

nauseum_dot writes: "Science fiction author Ray Bradbury, whose imagination yielded classic books such as "Fahrenheit 451," "The Martian Chronicles" and "Something Wicked This Way Comes," has died at 91, his publisher said Wednesday. "In a career spanning more than 70 years, Ray Bradbury has inspired generations of readers to dream, think and create"."

Comment Call the PSC (Score 1) 345

Call the public services commission. I work for an ISP (Telco) we are regulated by the PSC and the FCC. Notifying them, the better business bureau, and the village/town/municipality where you operate would make enough noise. Hell, I might through in the FCC, but I don't think that would do anything.

A lot of our field techs/linemen know and work the the municipality and the linemen with the electric and water utilities. Make enough noise and you will get service or at least an answer. Likely, the backhaul from the Central Office to the their meet point for the Internet if full and oversubscribed from 5PM to 9PM. Someone suggested that the cross connect from the DSLAM to the the router in the C.O. might be full, but we have never seen that to be the case where I work because we have GigE and Ten-GigE fiber running through our distribution network. Even, the old ATM based distribution networks (late 90's tech) had OC-3's and OC-12's so having enough bandwidth between the C.O. and the DSLAM has never really been an issue.

Good Luck!

Comment Re:Calorie counting is wrong (Score 2) 655

I can't mod because I commented above, but the post above is awesome! I also want to chime in that the food pyramid has been replaced by "my plate". This has been the case for a few years, now.

As for counting calories, it is the fundamental unit of measure for energy. I have shed a bit of weight and like to think of my body as a rational system. In the fact that the storage of fat and gains in girth are because I was eating too much energy than what I needed to survive so my body stored the weight. The Hacker's Diet gave me great insight as to how weight is 90% caloric intake, 5% genetics, and 5% exercise.

Comment Re:long time? (Score 1) 655

of course, if you exercise as part of the lifestyle change, you'll be putting on muscle, which weighs a lot more than the fat you're losing.

I have a problem with "muscle, which weighs a lot more that the fat you're losing". A pound or kg of muscle has the same weight as a pound or kg of fat because of the unit of measure. The truth is that muscle is denser than fat, i.e. when you account for volume, muscle has more weight per volume than fat.

Submission + - Why sharks are almost impossible to outswim (sciencemag.org)

Pierre Bezukhov writes: Researchers have discovered what makes the shark almost impossible to outswim. By using an engineering imaging technique, researchers have discovered that as a shark’s tail swings from side to side, it creates twice as many jets of water as other fishes’ tails, smoothing out the thrust and likely making swimming more efficient. Sharks do this by stiffening the tail midswing, a strategy that might one day be applied to underwater vehicles to improve their performance. Most other fish have tails that are essentially symmetrical from top to bottom.

Submission + - Java Now the Most-Attacked Software (threatpost.com)

Trailrunner7 writes: Java has become virtually unavoidable in the last few years, and it's installed on hundreds of millions of PCs around the world. A huge number of those target installations are vulnerable versions of Java, and this fact has not escaped the attention of attackers, who have made the technology one of their favored targets. In fact, new data from Microsoft shows that Java exploits were the most prevalent in the first six months of 2011, and that attackers often use exploits for bugs that are several months or years old.

Microsoft's research found that, having spent the time and effort to develop (or buy/steal) an exploit for a specific Java bug, they will continue to use it for as long as it's effective. Not surprisingly, the attackers don't seem to be having a difficult time finding PCs with vulnerable versions of Java to exploit. Although Java has been a frequent target for years now, users don't seem to be doing so well on the updating and patching front.


Submission + - Chrome Overtakes Firefox in Browser Market Share (techcrunch.com)

SharkLaser writes: According to StatCounter, Chrome has now surpassed Firefox in market share and is now the second most used browser. Firefox is currently the only browser losing market share, as even IE's usage has recently grown, despite losing much of its share to Chrome last year. Globally IE now has 40.63 percent market share (50.66% in the US) and both Chrome and Firefox have around 25%. In related news, Firefox prepares to release Firefox 9 and currently Firefox 10 and Firefox 11 are in alpha stage.

Comment Re:Hell has Frozen Over 2x (Score 1) 169

I have to disagree with this. Currently, the two biggest cellular providers are Verizon and AT&T

Verizon was created from GTE + Bell Atlantic. AT&T is from Ameritech + NYNEX + Bell South + Pacific Telesis + SBC(changed name to AT&T).

Likely, only one of these entities would exist if AT&T continued to operate as a monopoly because I don't know if GTE had the clout to be as big as Verizon currently is by itself because moving cellular traffic depends mainly on access to fiber (T1s in days of yore). Which would mean that we would all have one technology for cell phones, with one option for a carrier. The other thing that came from the breakup, the Baby Bells had two work with each other to ensure that their new broken up networks would switch traffic after moving forward with independent network upgrades, which gave way to for more open/non proprietary standards to be implemented in the telecom industry and working interconnected networks with multiple routes and diverse locations (TCP/IP networks/slow rise of the Internet, respectively).

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