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tech4 writes: Despite users curiosity around Google+, it seems like most Google+ users just wanted to see the platform and then returned to Facebook. 'Google has lost over 60 per cent of its active users on its social network Google+, according to a report by Chitika Insights, raising questions about how well it is doing against its rival, Facebook. Despite the clear interest in an alternative to Facebook, it does not appear that the people joining are staying around and actively using the web site. Google's problem is not getting users in the first place, it seems, but rather keeping them after they have arrived. For now it appears that a lot of users are merely curious about Google+, but return to the tried and tested format of Facebook when the lustre fades. The problem is that Facebook is not going to rest on its laurels while Google attempts to get the advantage. Already it has added features inspired by Google+, particularly in terms of improving the transparency of its privacy options.'
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Google+ loses 60% of active users

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  • ... there is a critical mass on FB that G+ is going to have a hard time beating. Many of the people I interact with on FB are family members (who won't switch because they have no need to: it's a wonder they're on FB at all) and old friends from High School and College, many of whom won't switch because they see no point in doing so (and, as I said, probably have family links that they don't want to loose.) Unfortunately even though (if?) G+ is better, it's unlikely that people will will switch en masse. I
    • It isn't the final chapter yet so it is too early to determine who will win the war.

      Doesn't surprise me that a lot of the curious early adopters switched back- but I suspect the ones that remain could stay loyal- and if it truly is a better platform- then others will trickle in and slowly grow G+ to a more stable mass.

      If they're too slow though- the loyalists could abandon them too.

      G+ won the first battle... FB the second. Still plenty of fight left in both sides.

      Will be interesting how the open-source soc

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