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Comment Re: Stupid Anti-TRUMP FUD (Score 1) 256

Uh... all the kids aren't on all at the same time. Most schools have about 4 laptops per classroom, with maybe 4 carts you can reserve for the whole class... so say classes of 20 that's 100 classes (which honestly is a HUGE school) which is ~560 online at once... max. The real issues are that a lot of classrooms utilize *video* now... places like youtube, PBS, TED, netflix etc are great resources for teachers.... and that video eats up a ton of bandwidth.

Comment Re: Oh no (Score 1) 637

What's your point? That anyone you label a "troll" should not be allowed to participate? Before you answer, keep in mind that there are probably people who would blithely label you as a troll,just because they don't agree with you (or you with them).

No, that anyone that *twitter* labels a troll should be. It's their fucking site, they can do what they want, and personally I think it's a good move to have rules about not dropping turds all over their property.

Comment Re:God, that must SUCK so bad (Score 2) 45

I would say it never works if it's just a "me too" product. It has to go above and fill some new niche, it can't just be more of the same. It happens all the time though... facebook destroyed myspace, google destroyed yahoo/etc, microsoft destroyed apple then apple destroyed blackberry/nokia/etc and hurried up the death of the cd, netflix destroyed blockbuster... etc etc.

Comment Re: Oh no (Score 2) 637

Personally I can't stand him, but like a stopped clock even he was right once in a while. And that's what they really couldn't stand, lol.

I really hate that phrase... it's not a defense of the person, it's just saying no one is always wrong so you can't make that claim... trolls like this are parasites on websites like twitter, plain and simple.

Comment Re: Certainly can't hurt (Score 1) 84

sourceforge already does integration with git, svn, and mercurial. The problem is that they basically are just hosting a repo then, but can't do advanced options easily because they support all 3.

Honestly, probably the top things imho:
1. allow feature requests that the dev can put a price on, and people can donate toward specific features.
2. Better source code integration like github has, even if only for git.

Some fucking markdown on slashdot would be great too. Typing html tags into comments is so fucking dirty.

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