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Journal Journal: Floppy-what?

One woman called up and said that her computer would not boot at all. So I asked her what the error message was, if any, that she got on boot. She said there was a menu asking if she wanted CD ROM drive support enabled. So I told her the only way that the message would show is if there was a boot disk in the floppy drive. I asked her to remove the floppy disk from the drive. She said there was no disk in the drive. I asked her if she was sure, she said yes. So I asked her some other question unrelated to the floppy drive. Then I asked her again, "Are you sure that there is no disk in the drive?" She said there was none. So I think I asked her what was the last piece of software that she installed. Then I asked again, "Is there a floppy disk in the drive?" To witch, she replyed, "What's a floppy drive?" So, being very pissed off, I explined what a floppy drive is and then asked again if there was a disk in it. She said no. So I asked her something else unrelated to the drive. Then I asked again if there was a disk in the drive. She said no. As I was starting to ask another question she interrupted me and said, "Hey, there was a disk in the drive!" WELL NO SHIT!!!!!!! So we took the disk out and it booted just fine. Stupid end users.


Journal Journal: After the tone, enter your 10 digit phone number (BEEP)

I answered the phone today at work, "Thank you for calling _______. My name is Nate. May I please have your phone number, area code first." And all I hear is beep, beep, beep, beep. The moron started typing in his phone number!!! I tryed to stop him, when he did stop, I said. "Can you please TELL me your phone number, area code first?" What a moron.


Journal Journal: Behold! I am MCSE certified!!!

I had one customer, that seemed extremly dumb, call in about installing a drive. I was talking with him and guided him through the steps to install the drive. He got upset at one point and had his dad get on the phone. He started yelling at me about how his son was going to school for computers and not to treat him like the normal end user. So the son got back on the line and there was a point when we rebooted that there was an error message "at least one service or driver failed to load on startup." The kid starts screaming his head off and explains that he had to reinstall Windows NT 3 times already because every time he instaled our software he got this error message. I started to explain that this error message is no reason to reinstall Windows, and there are troubleshooting steps that he can go through to fix this. I figured that if he was going to school for computers he would realize this, nope. So I referred him to Microsoft for instructions on troubleshooting this error message.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: It's a touch screen!

I had one woman that could not get the touchpad on her notebook to work. It was running Windows 2000. We were able to manage moving around with just the keyboard with no problems. We went to the Device Manager, removed the mouse, rebooted, it redected the mouse, and wanted us to reboot. It seems like when it was asking if it was ok to restart the computer, the machine froze. No matter how many times she hit tab there was no change on the screen and nothing would respond. So, I said, "Try touching the OK button with your finger. It's a touch screen monitor." After a slight pause from her end I said, "That was a joke." She bursted out laughing saying that she actually touched the screen! I couldn't believe it! It just goes to show you how impressinable users are.

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Journal Journal: Welcome

Well, now that there is a journal page, I figure that I have a reason now to share stuff with people that I don't know. Since this is a tech oriented site, I am thinking of posting odd and funny calls from work. I work at al telephone tech support call center for a undisclosed company. So sit back, relax, and laugh your asses off.

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