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Comment Re: Good for everyone. (Score 1) 160

From what I know

I found the problem.

if it is a rock swinging on a rope you had better stop

I propose a game show. It's where millenials and grandma alike can show off their texing and driving skills. Tune in for which drive fails the week's driving courses.

And to be fair, let teams enter AIs as well. Make it the "top gear human vs ai challenge".

Comment Re: Good for everyone. (Score 2) 160

They've been driving for around 10 years and can already drive better than humans have learned to in the last 100. I'd say that's damn good.

Self driving cars and software is cumulative knowledge. You can't just hand off the knowledge of the best driver in the world when they turn 16. By 2020 it'll be no question of who is a better driver. Our 2016 Subaru is already automating "80% of the boring stuff" of driving. It'll keep lanes and come to a full stop when the human behind the wheel fails to. Germans have had the auto stopping technology working and working in Germany since 2012. Every rental car came with it because it saved that much in claims with German drivers.

No one cares about the home car owner anymore. These are for Uber and Fleets. The F150 is the best selling truck in the US because of fleet sales. When companies can order a F150 that can drive 24/7 and is safer than the people that they can hire the entire industry is going to switch over. People are not profitable, corporations are. Look at who John Deere and Case selling equipment to. It's not the small town farmer. It's corporate farms that are going to buy their newest and most expensive AI tractors.

Not saying personal car ownership is going away. There are still people that stable horses and own horse farms. The Amish didn't even pick up Electricity. You are going to be more than free to own your own car. I'm sure there are companies that will cater to you as well. The question is how much is it worth to you?

Comment Re: Good for everyone. (Score 1) 160

Nope. This is just further automation of what already exists. At its root it's just a fancy flyball governor. This is just another place we shoehorned in PID controllers. They've been driving your cruise control, stability control and everything else for decades. All the technology in this is at least 50 years old, even the neural nets. It's just at a sufficient enough level to put in a car.

Steam engines just had to be slightly better than mule trains. The automobile just had to be slightly better than horses. Automated drivers just have to be slightly better than human drivers.

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