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Comment Re:Correlation is not causality (Score 1) 218

Or more directly, they're healthy enough to bike to work.

I agree that exercise contains huge health benefits, but there's also a huge selection bias at work. Seriously unhealthy people probably can't handle the rigours of cycling to work.

Usually if you read the study you will find that they have already figured this out and measure it, these kind of simple objections are often accounted for. Beside that the percentage of people that can handle a 20-60 minute bicycle commute is so large that it doesn't really matter, everyone I know can handle it with a few exceptional exceptions.

I'm assuming a lot of stuff about this discussion though, I've not read the study nor the article, but similar papers on the subject usually have this in their models so...

Comment Re:It would be... (Score 1) 218

but I really ought to have a dash cam.

I'm not sure it would help against your pretty sever case of confirmation bias. In my commute there is a great percentage of cars doing stupid shit that endanger other people, and there are seldom any cyclists doing that. But hey they say if you don't know who's the stupid there is a pretty high risk it's you. While I don't consider myself stupid you never know...

Comment Racism is group think (collective punishment) (Score 1, Flamebait) 366

I heard news articles saying that the local [religous leaders] calling for death to gays

These are not left/right questions, it is a free speech issue and a rascism/protectionism issue. Here in Scandinavia terror spread from the far right is actually a bigger concern, if we look at terror attacks on our soil. These acts of terror are not done by muslims, and by your logic we should start looking harder at the far right and prohibiting their leaders to express themselves in media. We already hinder free speech, and it is helping to some extent to have consequences when you call for the death of all ZYX, not very harsh though. We are not banning far right activists entry, that's about as ridiculous as your suggestion though.

So sure your statements are racist, let me use a car analogy; car owners kill a lot of people with their cars, it would make a lot more sense for the US to ban cars from certain high risk areas. Sure they are "accidents" but they do happen consistently and the group of car owners can very well be held responsible, just as you say that the billions of muslims in the world should take responsibilities for the actions of the few.

In the end when you say "we should not let the group XYZ do ZYX" it's easily rascism.

Comment Re:Shit article, no context (Score 1) 200

the small city I live in had 3 pedestrian hits last year. The pedestrian walked into traffic each time, and weren't paying attention.

If those numbers are true for a longer period of time the traffic in your city work completly different from any other town I've ever read about, but I guess it could easily happen for 3 cases, if you have really badly streets.

Comment Re:Smartphone using drivers (Score 1) 200

One interesting thing I did manage to glean from the statistics is that fully 1/3rd of all deaths of pedestrians did not involve another party, but were caused by falls or bumping into a stationary object. Numbers for cyclists are about the same. And the vast majority of injuries did not involve another party. Cars are a big health problem but the numbers show a pretty steady overall decline (in terms of accidents as well as emissions, I might add); hopefully cars will drop below clumsiness as a cause of death of pedestrians.

Emissions is actually getting worse at least if you count from 1970, and death by the emissions from cars is going up. In Sweden are about 300% more people killed by pollution from cars than from actual accidents.

Not sure what you want stats on, it's pretty hard to use traffic statistics because there are lots of strange pitfalls. E.g. cyclists injured by dooring is counted as a self inflicted injury in some countries.. But yes being injured by infrastrucure and bad maintenance is a real thing, but at least here most deaths and severe injuries in traffic are directly connected to cars.

Comment Smartphone using drivers (Score 2, Interesting) 200

The biggest problem is the infrastructure, drivers and cars not pedestrians, so I think you are missing the point completly.

I've often wondered why people look away from the act of random terror that cars subject us to in everyday life, instead the victims get blamed. At some point you have to understand that cars are a big health problem.

Comment Re:This is a wise move (Score 1) 305

You're an idiot for stating that Germany is still an occupied country.

Really? What exactly would you call a country that has more external military than local military? A hotel? A brothel?

This made my day. :-)

But what ever we say about the military threat to Germany I have always thought of Gemany as a country which can make its own laws.

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