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Comment Re: Correcting myself (Score 2) 727

I always thought of it as 'engineer' being the more general term that means (for the most part) you have the engineering degree. For the licensed part the term to use is 'Professional engineer' which means you've gone the additional steps beyond the degree to become licensed in your field. So while declaring himself an engineer in a letter to the licensing board might not be the best move it still isn't the same as if he said he was a P.E.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with Hollywood (Score 1) 487

There are general solutions that could certainly help. Perhaps not allowing anyone to vote on a movie unless the account has been on IMDB for at least a week (or a month or whatever value makes the most sense.) That won't prevent long time users from ganging up against a movie but will at least prevent someone from pulling in a bunch of new accounts that will likely only be used for that one movie vote.

Comment Re:Exactly that (Score 1) 360

Been there, done that. I worked for what was (at the time) a small company. We had our small group of devs and then a couple of sales people that sat about twenty feet away. All of us in cubicles. The one sales guy was so loud that when ever he was in the office you could hear exactly what he was saying when he was on the phone. Terribly distracting. Luckily we only stayed in that location for a year and then moved to a bigger office with the sales people located elsewhere in the building.

Comment Re:Not everyone is happy... (Score 1) 110

I can see both sides of that last bit. They need to make such an assumption if they want to make progress as some people may no longer be reachable (no known email address, passed away). Making that assumption that no response equals acquiescence lets them move forward.

The problem is that some people that they weren't able to reach may not like the new license agreement. Also I'm not sure if such an assumption would stand up in court should it come to that.

Comment Re: sorry, no (Score 1) 448

To be fair the overall company is turning a profit on every one of those phones sold in NZ. They just aren't showing the profit in NZ by hiding it with high license fees. It's much the way movies in Hollywood tend to never make a profit even when they bring in a billion dollars because the studio will charge expenses from other movies to the profitable movie. It's not what I would consider ethical but it is allowed with the existing tax codes in many countries. Though a few have talked about shutting it down.

Comment Re:Read the response... (Score 1) 244

There's also the fact that with blended and single malt there are going to be different prices. That would also play into anyone being upset with being sold blended as single malt.

Though that doesn't play as much of a role in a chicken sandwich since you aren't buying just the chicken but the combined product. Still, I don't want someone telling me they use 100% chicken if it's 50% filler.

Comment Re:FFS, I know exactly what was done... (Score 1) 406

So since using marked cards is illegal and it seems many believe these cards count as being marked AND the cards were provided by the casino then shouldn't the casino be liable for using the cards? After all they provided the cards and likely used them in many (all?) of their games.

Comment Re:There's more to come... (Score 0) 454

Not that anyone will care but the Wall Street Journal has an interesting article pointing out the link that Trump and his companies have to many other countries. Including places that many people in the USA would regard as less than desirable. It sets up a potential conflict of interest with Trump should he become President but no one wants to talk about that when there's a Clinton to hang.

Just face it. We are screwed.

Comment Re:Doesn't really matter who fired the shot (Score 1) 338

The problem is that as I understand it many of the devices being abused were made by companies that no longer exist. Others are Chinese companies over which we have no control and until/unless China is attacked I don't see the Chinese government having much interest in forcing them to fix the issue. Hell, even if they did fix the issue how do you get all of the devices updated when they don't have a remote update feature?

Comment Re: Wikileaks is a toxic organisation. (Score 4, Insightful) 338

As far as I know they've had no such releases on Trump. Then you add in the staggered release at the end of the campaign when it seems like they had this data months ago so it definitely looks to me like they are trying to hurt Clinton's campaign at the end of the race when the release can do the most damage. If they were just interested in exposing the information why not release it months ago when they got the data?

Comment Re:Who is lying? (Score 4, Interesting) 209

Agreed. I've seen too many stories of people that are stuck in jail for minor violations simply because they can't pay the bail costs. What's worse is for those people it often means they lose their jobs and can lose their possessions and home if they are kept in jail long enough even though they've never been tried. There's no way to support that behavior by our (USA) legal system.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1, Troll) 95

No one cares. Not even the FTC. People are regularly breaking this rule because they don't know about the regulations and the FTC takes no action. I believe they are only likely to act if someone is continually breaking the rules. That would seem worthy of the effort (and expense) of taking action while taking action on what is likely 100s of people are breaking the rules each day for the first time isn't a worthwhile usage of the FTC's time.

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