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Comment Re:28 websites? (Score 1) 137

Yeah, this was my observation when I first saw this mentioned. It made no sense to call the 28 domains mentioned web sites especially when a few appear to be nameservers (hence the ns. prefix.) Oh well. I guess it's too much to expect the original reporter to actually talk to someone who knows what they are talking about or maybe they did and went with the headline that would garner more views.

Comment Re:Clickbait troll much? (Score 1, Insightful) 629

Really? So you've never had a coughing fit. I get them whenever some dust or whatever gets stuck in the back of my throat. It can sometimes take a few minutes to clear it out. So I see nothing surprising about someone who is giving speeches and talking all day long finding themselves coughing on occasion. Now if she were to appear completely out of breath or otherwise severely impacted by the coughing then maybe you might have a point. However you can watch videos and see she keeps the speech going even while trying to clear her throat.

Comment DVD media should last for years (Score 1) 385

If someone lost 8000 DVDs they did something wrong. Either buying really cheap media or storing it improperly. I have DVDs that I burned from ten years ago that still work fine. I recently moved a few hundred DVDs over to BluRay for the reduced storage space and only had a few files that I had issues recovering. The rest came across with no problem and that was with a mix of Verbatim (good quality) and Sony (not quite so good quality) media.

Comment Re:They disrupeed our plans! We want blood! (Score 4, Informative) 131

All too true. If the record company really wanted the person responsible they would be going to Dropfile and try to get the address of the person who uploaded. That very well could be an employee. The person who posted the link to Reddit could have just read about the song elsewhere and thought it would be great to share the link and have no connection to the company at all.

Comment Re:The bubble is strong with this one (Score 1) 311

It's an easy thing to say but how do you accomplish that. With large metropolitan police forces it is possible to set up an extensive training program that all officers have to go through that helps to teach officers to de-escalate situations and avoid these shootings that happen without good reason. That doesn't do a thing to address the small local police forces that exist in many communities across the country that may have no training program at all.

North Korea Restarts Plutonium Production For Nuclear Bombs ( 151

New submitter ReginaldBryan45 quotes a report from Reuters: North Korea has restarted production of plutonium fuel, a senior State Department official said on Tuesday, showing that it plans to pursue its nuclear weapons program in defiance of international sanctions. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAE) said on Monday that it had seen signs based on satellite imagery that show that the secretive country had re-activated the nuclear fuel production reactor at Yongbyon. The analysis by the IAEA pointed to "resumption of the activities of the five megawatt reactor, the expansion of centrifuge-related facility, [and] reprocessing -- these are some of the examples of the areas [of activity indicated at Yongbyon]." U.S. Intelligence tried to infect the Yongbyon site with a variant of the Stuxnet malware last year but ultimately failed. Experts at the U.S.-Korea Institute at John Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies in Washington predicted last year that the country's nuclear arsenal could grow to as many as 100 bombs within five years, from an estimated 10 to 16. Naturally, this news is a cause for concern as North Korea had four (failed) test launches in the last two months.

Submission + - Escape from a black hole? Not in this Universe.

An anonymous reader writes: The New York Times ran an article on Stephen Hawking promising there was a possible escape route from a black hole, after all. In the text, Hawking asserts, "They are not the eternal prisons they were once thought. If you feel you are trapped in a black hole, don’t give up. There is a way out." But what the actual scientific paper says is very different from that. Not only is there no way to escape from a black hole, the only new information provided is that, perhaps, there's a mechanism that may lead to information about infalling particles becoming permanently encoded on the black hole's surface, and then becoming a part of the outgoing Hawking radiation many ages of the Universe later. Sorry, Stephen Hawking fans; you can't escape from a black hole, at least, not in this Universe.

Submission + - Pre-industrial skies may have been cloudier than we thought (

Layzej writes: Our planet’s pre-industrial climate may have been cloudier than presently thought, shows CERN’s CLOUD experiment in two papers published today in Nature.
CLOUD shows that organic vapours emitted by trees produce lots of aerosol particles in the atmosphere when there’s no sulphuric acid – a main product of burning fossil fuels.
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) considers that the increase in aerosols and clouds since pre-industrial times represents one of the largest sources of uncertainty in climate change. The CLOUD experiment is designed to better understand such processes.
CLOUD has also found that ions from galactic cosmic rays strongly enhance the production rate of pure biogenic particles – by a factor 10-100 compared with particles without ions. This suggests that cosmic rays may have played a more important role in aerosol and cloud formation in pre-industrial times than in today’s polluted atmosphere.

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