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Red Hat Software

Submission + - Open Voting Consortium visits Red Hat Summit '07

nadamsieee writes: Julie Bryce of Red Hat Magazine got the chance to chat a bit with Alan Dechert during the 2007 Red Hat Summit. She asked him some questions; he gave her some answers. Alan stated that "[voting software] is an area ripe for open source software development." Also, when asked how corrupt the current system of voting is, Alan replied "The short answer is that I think the system is quite corrupt, and problems with the voting system are generally underreported in the media."

Submission + - OIN Comments On Microsoft Article In Fortune

nadamsieee writes: Jerry Rosenthal, chief executive officer of Open Invention Network, issued the following statement today: "A recent article in Fortune Magazine raises — or more precisely, re-raises — tired, old allegations about the Linux operating system for the sole purpose of perpetuating unwarranted fear, uncertainty and doubt among current and potential Linux users and distributors... We stand ready to leverage our IP portfolio to maintain the open patent environment OIN has helped create." Groklaw, as always, provides perspective.

Submission + - MP3's Loss, Open Source's Gain

nadamsieee writes: "Eliot Van Buskirk has an interesting piece over at Wired about the fall-out from Microsoft's recent courtroom loss to Alcatel-Lucent over MP3 patents. From the article: "Alcatel-Lucent isn't the only winner in a federal jury's $1.52 billion patent infringement award against Microsoft this week. Other beneficiaries are the many rivals to the MP3 audio-compression format... Now, with a cloud over the de facto industry standard, companies that rely on MP3 may finally have sufficient motivation to move on. And that raises some tantalizing possibilities, including a real long shot: Open-source, royalty-free formats win.""

Submission + - Congress Tackles Patent Reform

nadamsieee writes: Wired's Luke O'Brian recently reported about Congress' latest attempt to reform the patent system. In the article O'Brian tells of how "[w]itnesses at Thursday's hearing painted a bleak picture of that system. Adam Jaffe, a Brandeis University professor and author of a book on the subject, described the system as "out of whack." Instead of "the engine of innovation," the patent has become "the sand in the gears," he said, citing widespread fears of litigation." The House Oversight Committee website has more details. How would you fix the patent system?
Linux Business

Submission + - Questioning the Linux Foundation's credentials

nadamsieee writes: Neil McAllister has posted a though provoking article titled Questioning the Linux Foundation's credentials in which he questions the motivations behind the newly formed organization. From the article:

But wouldn't it make more sense to call the merged organization the Open Source and Standards Lab, or the Free Software and Standards Group? Why did they have to go and call it the Linux Foundation?
Neil then goes on to explain what he sees as the dirty truth about the matter.
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - FSF Pledges $60K to Help Free Ryzom MMORPG

nadamsieee writes: "Back in November was formed to raise 100K euros to purchase the source code for the Ryzom MMORPG and release it under the GNU General Public License. had its (first) day in court on December 5th, and in response to a competing offer from a 3rd party, the group has doubled their original goal to 200K euros. Now the Free Software Foundation has stepped in and pledged $60K to the project."

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