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US Court Tells Microsoft To Stop Selling Word 403

oranghutan writes "A judge in a Texas court has given Microsoft 60 days to comply with an order to stop selling Word products in their existing state as the result of a patent infringement suit filed by i4i. According to the injunction, Microsoft is forbidden from selling Word products that let people create XML documents, which both the 2003 and 2007 versions let you do. Michael Cherry, an analyst quoted in the article, said, 'It's going to take a long time for this kind of thing to get sorted out.' Few believe the injunction will actually stop Word from being sold because there are ways of working around it. In early 2009, a jury in the Texas court ordered Microsoft to pay i4i $200 million for infringing on the patent. ZDNet has a look at the patent itself, saying it 'sounds a bit generic.'"

Comment my tips... (Score 1) 702

Here's some that I a lot...

Visual *block* mode
Instead of just regular visual mode 'v', you can use CTRL-v for visual block mode. I tend to use this as a quick way to comment out lines. type [0] for beginning of line, then [CTRL-v], arrow down, [Shift-i], [#], then [Esc] and it will stick a # at the beginning of the every line in the visual block. But one of the nice things is that you don't have to be at the beginning of a line. You can indent everything after column 40, for example, across your selected lines and it will move everything after your visual block. It's also very handle for visually selecting a single column of text in a file and then using the [x] to delete it.

<< and >>
In normal mode, hitting the key [>] twice will indent the whole current line (or visually selected area) to the next tabstop.

This visually selects the current paragraph in its entirety (a paragraph being lines of text separated by a blank line). One that I type all the time is [v][i][p][=] because I have my "equalprog" value set to perltidy and this reformats my current block of code. I just prefer not to run perltidy across a whole file of my code at once. I also use this one a lot with shell commands like !sort.

And a couple for your ~/.vimrc:

map zz za
I use folds a lot and I just find it more convenient to hit zz to open/close the current fold.

nmap :wincmd w
If you use split windows a lot, this let's you just hit the Tab key while in normal mode to switch through regions.

Geez, I just noticed my ~/.vimrc file is up to 29K...


Submission + - Building a better spam trap (

SpiritGod21 writes: "Steven T. Kirsch, the developer of the optical mouse, has been thinking about the spam problem for a number of years. After filing several patents covering other approaches, Mr. Kirsch hit on the idea underlying his latest invention, Abaca, quite by accident.

The approach underlying the Abaca technique is the recognition that the ratio of spam to legitimate e-mail is individually unique. It is also a singular identifier that a spammer cannot manipulate easily. By assessing the combined reputations of the recipients of any individual message, the Abaca system determines the "spaminess" of a particular message. Mr. Kirsch asserts this provides a high degree of accuracy in deciding whether the message is spam."


Submission + - WiFi PDA (Linux Based?) Suggestions

cwelch writes: "I'm looking for a PDA that has Wifi to play with at home and in the office. I'd prefer one that has Linux and a decent bit of storage so I can add a little bit of stuff (maybe VNC or SSH?) to play with. I don't have a lot of funds to play with, but any devices would be a point in the right direction. Any suggestions?"

Submission + - Some Best Buys not honoring Mario Galaxy Promotion

Selikoff writes: "As many of you may have heard Toys R Us began giving away $25 gift cards this week with every purchase of Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. Not to be outdone, Best Buy announced it would match the offer with its own $25 gift certificates. There's been some noise in forums that some Best Buy stores are failing to honor this promotion. I decided to go to Best Buy, with SKU number in hand (although it shouldn't be needed), only to experience the same problems at my local store. Clerks refused to acknowledge or even type in the coupon, and only after fighting a manager for 10 minutes did he try the SKU number out, only to discover it was a real promotion. I don't know if I should chalk this one up to bad customer service or failure in the chain of command to notify store associates, but I'm sure there are a lot of Best Buy customers who failed to get their certificate this week."

Submission + - AMD's Phenom Available Online

An anonymous reader writes: Amid speculation that AMD will formally announce shipping of its desktop quad-core Phenom processor on Monday, the devices are already available for pre-order online at There appear to be three models: The Phenom X4 9700, a 2.4-GHz quad-core processor with a 4MB cache and a power rating of 125W. Like all the Phenoms, it will plug into AMD's AM2+ socket. Directron is posting it at at price of $335. Also in the first crop of Phenoms is the X4 9600, a 2.3-GHz clock, 4MB cache, 95W power device priced at $322; and the Phenom X4 9500, which is 2.2-GHz, 4MB cache, 95W and $286. Phenom is AMD's first desktop quad and implements its new 10h architecture, but it's 65-nm so the big question is whether it's enought to beat back Intel's new 45-nm Penryn processors.

Submission + - id software to release more cellphone/DS games

certain death writes: "Mesquite, Texas-based id Software plans big push into cellphone games

Mesquite-based id Software, the company that revolutionized computer games in the 1990s with titles like Doom and Quake, is now taking aim at the lucrative world of mobile games.

The company is announcing today the creation of an internal division called id Mobile that will make games for cellphones and Nintendo's handheld DS game system.

id has been dabbling in the cell phone market recently with the release of Orks and Elves for Nintendo DS. John Carmack's wife will head the new division within id.

Article located here:"

Submission + - DirecTV offers HD hookup on Space Station 1

orion205 writes: DirecTV is hyping its new HD lineup by offering a complete HD package to NASA to be used on the International Space Station. They'll even provide engineering support for the installation of a satellite dish on top of the new Harmony module. Will the astronauts be able to get anything done if they have 100 HD channels to watch??

Submission + - Carbon nanotube memory coming (

inkslinger77 writes: "Startup Nantero has built a carbon nanotube-based memory wafer using standard semiconductor fabrication processes, which it reckons removes a significant hurdle in commercializing the seemingly exotic NRAM (non-volatile RAM). But will DRAM, SRAM and flash ever be replaced?"
Operating Systems

Submission + - Apple releases fix for Freezing Aluminum iMacs (

losman writes: "Visiting the Apple discussion forums for the new 20" and 24" iMacs will show a lot of buyers found their machines freezing and it was felt to be a problem with ATI 2600HD cards. Many customers found both Apple phone and in-store support rejecting that this was a wide spread problem. Last night, along with the latest system updates, Apple released an iMac Video Firmware Update that addresses this issue. Apple never acknowledged that the problem actually existed but apparently it did with release of this patch. Here is the link to the note describing this fix:"

Submission + - Aerogel Insulation Finds Home in New LapDesks

LapLogic writes: "Aerogel Insulation Finds Home in New LapDesks
November 15, 2007

LapLogic, Inc. announced today the release of a new line of LapDesks featuring Aerogel Insulation. Holding 15 world records in the Guinness Book of World Records, including Best Thermal Insulator, Aerogel insulation has previously been restricted to high-budget government programs such as the Mars Rover.

Designed to permit laptop users to work in comfort, the Aerogel Extreme LapDesks provide a new level of heat protection and improved ergonomics. Part of the second-generation LapDesks introduced in 2003 by LapLogic and featured in PC Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, the Aerogel Extreme line improves on the CR Thermal Technology which is designed to block radiant, convective and conductive heat transfer. In addition to the Aerogel insulation, the new designs feature integrated cooling channels which increase the air gap under the laptop, improving air circulation and helping the CPU run cooler. No-slip mesh keeps the laptop and the lapdesk from sliding at odd angles, allowing users to shift position for comfort.

Available in the traditional width, the G800 Aerogel Extreme is also available in the W800 Wide version, which features an integrated mouse pad."
Input Devices

Submission + - Razer Touts Next-Gen Laser, 4000 dpi Mouse (

ThinSkin writes: "As a refresher: Gaming mice have doubled in dpi sensitivity in the last two years, from 2000 dpi to 4000 dpi, with the latter going to Razer's latest beast — the Lachesis. Razer's Lachesis has nine buttons, an ambidextrous shape, and plenty of software hacks for profile and macro management. While Razer hopes the Lachesis will woo consumers with its muscle, ExtremeTech's review of the Lachesis isn't quite convinced that horsepower is enough, as the design and button placement both became issues. The mouse retails for $80."

Submission + - Comcast disables Tivo Serial Port channel changing (

An anonymous reader writes: Across New England, updates have apparently been rolled out to Comcast's Motorola cable boxes that disable the serial port so that Tivo can no longer change channels. My dual-tuner Tivo can still access non-digital channels, but I have to use the cable remote to access HBO and the like. If you're a Comcast user with a Tivo, please let Comcast know you're displeased with this behavior — although they may be working with Motorola to back-out the change. New cable boxes with functioning serial ports will have the serial port disabled after automatically downloading this update. Asking tech support for a "Factory Default Reset" might help for some boxes. Comcast claims to have been unaware of the update and blames Motorola for pushing it out — begging the question of why a service provider would allow a hardware vendor to make changes to their customers' devices without so much as a heads-up?

Submission + - Sprint Customer dis-Service (

Eddo writes: "Sprint seems to be having troubles with that whole customer service thing. One customer offers a detailed account of upgrading a phone and the numerous phone calls involved that finally leads to the returning of the phone. During the process, the customer discovers that they've been charged 911 fees from a different state for the last six months when he's never moved since he became a customer. The customer also details user interface issues on the website and active problems still reproducable on Sprint's website."

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