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Comment Re:Yes? So? (Score 1) 552

I think the issue is that he's so out of control that his own campaign had to lock him out of his Twitter account..

Basically, yeah Obama has had the power and hasn't used it, but the thought is that Trump will not be able to resist the temptation to be able to directly message every cell user with unblockable text...

Also, I've already seen several excellent posts helping people block unwanted Amber alerts and some folks offering advice on rooting phones to allow that to be shut off.

I'm willing to take a wait and see attitude, but if he sends one of those texts and it's not because the Great Meteor we've all been hoping for is on its way, I'll consider rooting my phone if there's a way to block the Presidential Alerts.

He gets ONE chance on that.

Comment Re:Dual boot is so 2000 (Score 1) 115

Games, or more accurately processes which are graphically demanding. I have a bootcamp'd iMac purely set up for games. I also run several different VMs for different actual work purposes, via VMware Fusion with macOS acting as host. The performance difference is still enough that it makes graphically intensive things worthwhile.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 53

Maybe not in video, but I worked at an image processing place where we deliberately created a file called "bastard.tif". The purpose of this file was to exploit every aspect of TIFF we could find, and for those familiar with the standard you'll know that's a lot. We used non-standard pixel ratios, we switched encoding mechanisms multiple times through the file...we did everything we could to make a standards-valid TIFF that would crash everything.

Wasn't malicious, we were a commercial data processing shop and image creation/conversion was our thing. We could crash Photoshop (non-square pixels - this is early-to-mid-nineties, no idea if it still crashes it), we could bring down things like Kofax Libraries which at the time were fairly advanced pro image coding libraries. We could crash most Unix utilities for working with images...you get the idea. We definitely were thinking about it, and we were actually doing it. The idea was to know what we could and couldn't do whilst coding our image processing software - we didn't want to create a final image that, whilst technically valid, couldn't actually be used anywhere.

Comment Re:Understandable, but foolish (Score 1) 386

This has been done with South American tribes. There's a great documentary on it - a BBC reporter first lived with the tribe, then years later took some of them to London. I'm coming up short in finding the name of the documentary unfortunately, but the answer is - they coped amazingly well. Looking at tech they'd never seen before (trucks, a lift/elevator, cities) to being flown over - they coped amazingly well.

One thing they didn't quite get was a sense of scale. The leader of the tribe was brought over, and he had expected to meet the leader of the tribe in the UK too - the Queen, to be specific. Nope, didn't happen. In terms of coping socially though - they did an excellent job, which leads me to believe that this kind of thing is socially possible.

Comment TRON: Legacy (Score 3, Interesting) 73

The seen where he is sucked into the computer. Someone really, really cared about the accuracy of that scene.
  • He's using SunOS - period-acurate
  • The projected keyboard actually did exist at or near the time of the original TRON
  • He runs iostat
  • When the laser gizmo starts powering up to digitise him, the iostat figures start going through the roof

Someone cared.

Comment Re:God, yes - exhibit A: iOS 9 (Score 1) 331

In iOS 9? No, iOS 8 Music was 'better' in the sense it was considerably more simple to use. iOS 9 music packed on more text, but nothing readable. iOS 10 - not sure about functionality changes, but the text is now chunky and clearly designed to be glanced at, i.e. used on the move, rather than iOS 9's "I am going to sit and admire the beauty of this interface before making a single touch gesture".

Comment God, yes - exhibit A: iOS 9 (Score 1) 331

iOS 9 redesigned the Music app to the point where I, a 44 year-old, could barely see it let alone read/use it. The overly chunky iOS 10 version was such an incredible relief. Have to say this is a big bug-bear of mine.

Hello 25 year-old graphic designers. Congratulations on being a designer - enjoy it. But please, please show your designs to more than just your peer group. You may get a surprise.

Comment Re:Advert aimed at wrong market? (Score 1) 269

Kind of like another poster - that's not really what I meant. I'm 44 myself, have been gaming since the ZX Spectrum days (and slightly before in the arcades). I love Skyrim, but I love Pikmin as well and I still emulate a few C64 games to play. No, what I meant by the kids console bit was that it's putting it in a difficult position - I think existing phones and tablets occupy the niche it seems to be aiming for.

Comment Re:Advert aimed at wrong market? (Score 1) 269

Totally agree - the "kid's console" thing has been rife since maybe the SNES. I thoroughly enjoyed my Gamecube, and the Wii as well. I'm not much of a 'hardcore' gamer, which seems to consist of endless first person shooters to me. That said, I think the kids market is shrinking because you have phones on the one hand, and then the powerful 'hardcore' consoles (and PCs) on the other. I have no market data to back this up with, it's pure opinion - it does seem to me though that niche has been taken by phones.

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