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Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 664

Precisely. A talking llama from the the UN once told me that they know how to defeat climate change AND poverty, and that everyone has already agreed to the plan. Not sure why we're still talking about this as if it's some sort of issue.

I mean, I was going to install solar panels, but now it seems like there's no point?

Comment Re:There used to be a time... (Score 1) 285

so much of what is said about him is bafflingly untrue. And that just makes his supporters more rabid, because now they have evidence that what he's saying - the media is a collusion, they're covering things up, he's an outsider who will change things - is true.

"Things" huh? So why is it that when I look at YouTube news clips, I can see both the terribly stupid, harmful things Trump is saying, along with his defense of those things?

Barack Obama founded ISIS, and Hillary Clinton co-founded it.

"Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that missing."

"With the terrorists, you have to take out their families."

Not to mention this disgraceful interview.

How could those clips possibly be taken out of context? In each one, Trumps message is appallingly clear. With stuff like this, what could the media possibly make up that is worse?

Comment Re:can somebody explain (Score 1) 83

But web browsers desperately need a better way to run code than turning it into JS - something like LLVM bitcode that can be compiled and run at near-native speeds instead of the crappy 2-10x slower JS.

All I know is my cutting edge desktop doesn't have the horsepower to run their Kings Quest II. Judging by the roughly 1 frame per 5 seconds, I'd say my machine needs to be about 150 times faster. Maybe I'll try again in 20 years or so?

Comment What is going on here? (Score 5, Insightful) 535

The consumer desktop is Microsoft's huge success story. Why degrade that experience? There are already goddamned ads in the user's start menus, plus remnants of the hated Windows 8.1 interface, plus massive privacy issues, plus strong-armed updates being forced down people's throats... I mean, what is this? It's like they're taking their productive, flagship product and doing everything they can to turn it into an annoying toy.

Comment Re:Missing Info (Score 1) 639

When you DIY that trailer hitch and something goes wrong due to the installation causing injury to others, can you held liable to a further degree because of the unauthorized/non-certified installation?

If you cook a plate of food and someone spills it on themselves and gets burned, can you be held liable because it wasn't made by a certified chef?

John Deere isn't stopping you from fixing your own tractor because they're worried about your well being in case you might be held liable for some accident. They're doing it so that they can rip you off. Any manufacturer of machinery, of any kind, would drool over this kind of captive audience. Dishwasher breaks down? It's not really yours, so you must pay the Maytag guy whatever he asks to fix it. Upgrade that video card? Dell sues you for not paying them to do it. After all, you could electrocute yourself. And now it's time to upgrade that PC to Windows 10, it's not like you have a choice here...

If this you-don't-really-own-it mentality spreads it would lead to some kind of hideous distopia. Luckily most manufacturers can't get away with it without losing their customers. Yet.

Comment Re:Sorry, MIT... (Score 1) 81

MIT and their graduates have shown their true bending over and taking it from the fascists in Quantico and Washington, by using their talents and their education to take freedom _away_ from the world rather than give.

What, every single one? They did launch the One Laptop Per Child program, and released 2,000 courses online for free in their OpenCourseWare project. What about the ones who work in the cancer research building? Do they cackle while plotting the downfall of American freedom? Not to mention alumni Richard Feynman, Buzz Aldrin...

Yes, there are people in MIT who work in security, and yes they find and reveal holes in security solutions. Is that somehow different from other Universities? As I recall, there wasn't even any evidence showing that the FBI had actually paid MIT anything.

How does this ignorant hate speech get modded up?

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