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Comment Re:It's about landmass (Score 3, Informative) 466

They also tend to be far more polluting that a gas powered car. From the production of the batteries to the coal fired power plant that generates the electricity.

Every time you say this I will shock you through your keyboard, but with a minimum of CO2. From the Wikipedia:

Even when the power is generated using fossil fuels, electric vehicles usually, compared to gasoline vehicles, show significant reductions in overall well-wheel global carbon emissions due to the highly carbon-intensive production in mining, pumping, refining, transportation and the efficiencies obtained with gasoline.

They even have a dandy little chart with Tailpipe and total CO2 produced for electric and gasoline cars.

Comment Re:Two reasons (Score 1) 435

You nailed it on the head. 3D works for games because the game is just for you, and the scene changes as you move around. Of course you could give everyone Occulus Rifts or the equivalent, but watching TV is something of a casual, social activity for most people. They want to be able to see each other, and the bowl of peanuts, or see what the dog is up to and so forth.

Comment Re:Uhh. Money (Score 1) 145

Exactly. Just look at the summary:

Soldner took a patch or three to become fully stable Reviewer: buggy, server problems

simpler -- but better looking -- ... games got all the critical praise Reviewer: disappointing graphics

multiplayer war game Reviewer: no single-player mode

From the summary alone, it looks like the reviewers hit the nail on the head. They can only review what they've received, without patches that may or may not be added in the future.

Comment Re:not quite correct (Score 1) 257

Windows device driver for a special PCIe card receiving continuous 80MB/s data from an image sensor into system RAM.

But if you could get that working in Javascript, you would be a programming god. A god whose coming was foretold in papyrus scrolls inked in blood:

"And Lo! When the seas boil and the Jester becomes King, a dark and terrible god will be born, and He will write Windows drivers in Javascript, and the world shall tremble at His passage."

Comment Re:Insane prices (Score 1) 196

You want to know what the kicker is? In Ontario "green energy" accounts for under 1% of total generation and over 55% of the total price sold to consumers.

So when I looked this up, I found the following breakdown: Nuclear 36%, Gas/Oil 28%, Hydro 23%, Wind 11%, Biofuel 1%, Solar 1%. That's 36% of total energy generation.

People can't afford 0.18/kWH(which is the peak price in Ontario) already.

Looking this one up, I found that they only pay peak rate for 6 hours out of the day. Then they pay "mid-peak" at 13.2 cents for another 6 hours, then 8.7 cents for the rest. Which is Pretty Goddamned Low

the most conservative estimate is that it will raise the cost of goods across all sectors by 20%

Honest question, do you work for them? The Conservatives I mean.

Comment Re:For those who missed the point of the above (Score 1) 80

For the vast majority of users, life was much better when bits were directly blasted to ALSA.

Ahh, I remember when ALSA came to Debian linux. So good. You could read docs for 10 minutes and run alsaconf and then your sound card would just work.

Then, PulseAudio came out, and it was flaky garbage. I had to switch a few machines back to ALSA just to get any sound at all. A year went by, and the flaws in PulseAudio were fixed. I haven't had to do any sound card configuration ever since. Sound is just something I never have to worry about any more.

Because I live in the future.

Submission + - SPAM: Scientists Believe They Finally Have The Cure For The Common Cold

schwit1 writes: As winter sets in it's just a matter of time before the inevitable cold gets you and turns you into a snotty, bunged up wreck.

Unless you're elderly or a baby, the common cold is by no means life-threatening. But it's very annoying and, worse still, you get no sympathy, just people backing away in case they catch it.

However, after decades of research, the fabled cure for the common cold could be on its way in the form of a nasal spray called SynGEM, which is the brainchild of a Dutch biotechnology company.

After successful tests on mice and rats (yes, they get colds too), 36 human volunteers at London's Imperial College are now trying out the spray, which is hoped to kill off a cold before you've even had time to buy that family pack of tissues.

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