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Submission + - At the World's First Cybathlon, Proud Cyborg Athletes Raced for the Gold (

the_newsbeagle writes: In a stadium in Zurich last Saturday, a new athletic competition showcased the possibilities when machine and muscle work in tandem. The Cybathlon, billed as the world's first cyborg Olympics, starred paraplegic people racing in robotic exoskeleton suits and amputees completing race courses with motorized prosthetic limbs. While the competitors struggled with mundane tasks like climbing stairs, those exertions underlined the point:

"Like the XPrize Foundation, the Cybathlon’s organizers wanted to harness the motivating power of competition to spur technology development. By filling the races with everyday activities, they hoped to encourage inventors to make devices that can eventually provide winning moves beyond the arena."

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 4, Insightful) 1042

Yeah. Elon Musk's argument was that if we assume any improvement rate in computers at all, then one day it will be affordable to simulate entire worlds, and therefore there are billions of simulations for every real Universe, and therefore we're likely in one.

But, like most arguments, that one is wrong. He seems to be under the impression that it's inevitable that computers will improve indefinitely, and that there's no limit to how complex and powerful they can become while still remaining inexpensive to mass produce. But there's no reason to think that is true. Just because there's a rate of improvement now doesn't mean it won't taper off and eventually flatten in the future.

Also, his thinking is sloppy.

Submission + - Move Over EmDrive, Here Comes Woodward's Mach Effect Drive ( 1

giulioprisco writes: An exotic “impossible” space propulsion technology known as “Cannae Drive,” less known than the EmDrive but equally controversial, made news headlines a few weeks ago with the announcement that it is about to be tested in space. There are speculations that the Cannae Drive could exploit physics known as “Mach Effect.” But perhaps the same physics plays a role in the EmDrive as well.

Comment Re: Shocking! (Score 1) 527

The Sugar Association acknowledged that it "should have exercised greater transparency in all of its research activities.

Translation: We did it.

However, the trade-group went on to question the UCSF researchers' motives in digging up the issue and reframing the past events to "conveniently align with the currently trending anti-sugar narrative."

Translation: We're still doing it, so shut up.

"Most concerning is the growing use of headline-baiting articles to trump quality scientific research -- we're disappointed to see a journal of JAMA's stature being drawn into this trend"

Translation: You guys suck.

Comment Re: What's the obvious question, is he going to di (Score 1) 286

I'm 6'2", 250. Nobody has ever called me fat

Hey, guy who is 6'2" and weights 250 pounds. I didn't see you? Because you're eclipsing my office light. I just wanted to say, I really liked the way you suplexed that guy into the radiator last week. Made. My. Day. Oh, your weight? It's perfect! You know, not everybody could have ripped that toilet out of it's moorings like that. Yes, I know that loud flush was very startling.

Do you work out?

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