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Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 369

The jobs you will eliminate are by their nature mundane and potentially dangerous. Yes, there will be higher unemployment, but only for a time.

Technology has been replacing since as far back as we have the written record. Civilization will go on and there will always be jobs. Yes, some workers will be too old or unwilling to change. But that is what we have welfare for and this is why people have children.

Please don't lose sleep over your job. You are freeing up the human talent to focus on pursuits beyond the efforts you are automating away.

Comment Re:May the Lord have mercy on us all (Score 4, Insightful) 2837

Every country has some weird traditions. USA's is electing a clown as president.

I am sure it will not be as bad as most people think. After all president is constrained by the budget set by congress. Neither can a president declare war without their approval. I am sure that if he really starts to act out then impeachment is on the table.

Still, you have to wonder about the voter disillusionment to get such a result.

Comment Re:No User Serviceable Parts inside (Score 1) 224

This is why I buy refurbished, off lease Lenovo computers.

However, that means Lenovo as a company does not get a cent from that sale. Why should they continue making solid-engineered, easily-repaired devices when in the end it hurts them by losing potential customers to refurbishers? This is how planned obsolescence works. I hate it with a passion, but it is hard not to see the reason behind it.

I love my Thinkpad. I could of bought it used off someone, but instead I spent much more money to buy it directly from Lenovo. Just to show my support.

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