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Comment Re:Biggest programmer lie: "I'm an engineer" (nt) (Score 1) 515

Ah okay, so according to that site a software engineer IS an engineer? Unless of course only civic architects and/or war-machine makers are to be considered engineers.

The point I'm trying to make is that the idea that a sofware engineer is not an engineer is just a case of marking one arbitrary point in time in the long chain of an ever-changing definition of "engineer" as the only, absolute and final definition of that word. Whereas most of the people claiming such, work in fields which also didn't exist when the word "engineer" was first used.

Comment Belief system inconsistent with project goals (Score 1) 636

Larry's belief system is inconsistent with our project's goals

Larry's belief system seems to be that consenting adults can act out in their private life something far less sociopathic than what millions of middleaged women fantasize about over bestselling erotic novels.

Comment Re:Conversely... (Score 4, Insightful) 243

Do you wish to claim that without patents, those nice thing would not be made?

Perhaps it would take more time, effort and money to make those things, but that is debatable.

Patents are also why we can't have nice things that share some property with a patented thing.
Patents are also why those nice things are more expensive.

Comment Re: Compatible? Nyet! (Score 1) 124

Works only of you don't have any kind of automated provisioning; DNS doesn't propagate fast enough to compensate.
Also; SPF is limited to a set limit (10 if remember correctly) of entries which can either mess up your entire SPF when SPF is changed down the line or simply because you have too many IP ranges in your network.

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