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Comment Re:FAA wil not allow it (Score 1) 140

And look how some people drive and are unable to see in two dimensions to see what goes on around their car. Now you add a third dimension.

Agree. And it's worse than that. Cars live in a 2D world where there are 2 degrees of freedom (forwards-backwards and left-right). A flying vehicle adds 4 additional degrees of freedom (up-down, pitch, roll, yaw)... so much more that can go wrong.

When it comes to flying cars, I am not as pessimistic as everyone else here seems to be, but I don't see how Joe Public can be entrusted with one. I think there either needs to be a trained and licensed pilot, or the vehicle needs to be self piloting.

Comment Re:So, are they lying or stupid? (Score 1) 50

If the risks in the new set of problems are more-manageable, that's a good strategy. .

Yep, agree with what you said. But you don't know whether new problems are more manageable until much later. Only point I am trying to make is that re-architecting out old problems is great, but with any non-trivial project you introduce new (improved! :^) cracks for things to fall through. Kind of like how the military is always preparing new methods to win the last war.

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